Race Road: Color Ball Star 3D

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Race Road: Color Ball Star 3D
  • Race Road: Color Ball Star 3D
  • Race Road: Color Ball Star 3D


Developer Teja Jakoncich
BundleID com.gamingfunheroes.raceroad
Version 1.2
Size 92.6MB
Released April 17,2019
Updated June 9,2020
Score 4.2
Review Num 2920
Support http://www.neptun-digital.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


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  • Tlord16 - 2020-01-30 06:50:58

    No. Never. DO NOT GET.

    First off, after every time, there and ad. Second, you don’t swipe, you tap. That makes this game ten times harder to do anything. Couldn’t finish first level because with tapping, it can’t tell left or right. It’s ANNOYING. Almost deleted immediately! Don’t download!!!

  • LondonJJ - 2020-06-13 15:36:44


    It is a wonderful game it is a good challenge and you get 3goes before add it is so cool 😎though do not swipe tap please the best record I have is 13


Race Road is the ultimate color ball game that will test your reaction time and reflexes. The game is full of speeding objects, colorful shapes and tons of fun!

All you have to do is go trough the right block shape. The ball will change shape according to the last one you've matched. Don't forget to jump left or right in order to avoid the obstacles on the road that will make your decision harder.

Don't waist any more time and get the game right now for free and start practicing with your friends to see who gets the best score.

Have fun and enjoy!