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Developer Positive Grid Inc
BundleID com.positivegrid.jamupeditor
Version 1.3.1
Size 662.1MB
Released January 29,2020
Updated February 18,2020
Score 4
Review Num 9
Language English ,Japanese ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • Mr. Dvs - 2020-02-05 10:09:16

    Solid Foundation

    Spark Amp app is a great foundation for experiencing the breadth of Positive Grid’s offerings. Looking forward to additional features and layers of depth to be added in future updates, but they’ve laid a solid foundation. The UI is cleaner, and more intuitive than some other Positive Grid apps. Out the gate, you get the “pro” paid access level of the Spark app (in the Spark Amp app, natively), which allows for algorithm-based chord progressions to the beat of your chosen songs. Great execution here. The metronome is simple, but to its credit, audio plays over song choices, and remains in the background while you navigate the app. Area for improvement: additional time signature options would be nice (2/2, 3/4, 4/4 currently programmable). When 2/2 or 3/4 are selected, clicking noise doubles up. A simple fix needed here. Amp and effects may be downloaded from cloud, but configuration doesn’t go beyond knob-turning here. Cloud downloads presently are not going beyond basic amp and effect options. Maybe this expands in the future? For instance, a amp with paid features exists and is viewable in Bias FX cloud, but is not present here. Is this the result of app-level limitations or due to my purchase limitations. The limitations of the app-ecosystem still need defining to the end user. Some early reviews say “all pro features”, but the cloud seems more limited so far. Once you’ve tackled the features of your new amp and Spark Amp app, dive deeper by creating amps in BIAS AMP 2, adding your amp into your custom effects chain in BIAS FX 2, and publishing it all for download into you Spark amp via the cloud. It’s a progression of deeper capability, with the amp hardware being the culmination, at a more accessible price point than other hardware offerings. All this, and I haven’t heard a ‘tone’ yet outside of a review video yet, as I patiently await my preorder to arrive. However, I expect digital audio quality to be excellent (referring to the coded sound quality, not the amp sound produced), consistent with other Positive Grid products. I can’t wait to play with this thing! Even with a few present limitations, high demand for this product will result in a robust software development roadmap, I’m sure. My hope is that Positive Grid will take the time to hone this into perfection. It will be foundational for them moving forward it seems, as they merge many app features into an all-encompassing offering within the Spark Amp app. I’m not a paid reviewer btw, though that would be great if PG is interested! ;-)

  • LightShadowZero - 2020-02-09 01:38:03

    Good start, but unreliable

    Currently, the synchronization with the Spark 40 Amp is unreliable. Whether that’s the amp’s Bluetooth modem, or the app, it certainly needs improvement. Sometimes I turn on the amp, give it some time for the Bluetooth modem to kick on, then start the app, and it attempt to connect but then fails. Sometimes the app will do exactly what I expect it to, and sometimes I select a preset in the app and the amp audibly responds with a short pause, but then nothing changes on the amp. Sometimes I try to save a preset to the Spark 40 and the app returns an error that it had problems doing so. Other times I’ve tried selecting presets in rapid succession and it causes the Spark 40 to completely freeze up where the LEDs are froze and the knobs do nothing. Most of those times, I got a very loud ear-damaging tone played by the Spark 40 when it freezes, and in one scenario it played absolutely nothing. Only power cycling it “fixes” the issue. Mind you, this doesn’t happen when working just off the amp. The communication between the amp and the app is causing this to happen. I’d be happy to update my review once this is resolved, but this isn’t acceptable behavior for a product that will be launching to the general public within months.

  • Smooosh - 2020-02-02 07:38:17

    Needs better filtering for tone library.

    Pretty cool but the app really needs better filtering for the tone library. They say that there is 10,000+ tones but they all are in 7 categories so you have to scroll through thousands of them or you might get lucky if it’s named something your looking for. At a minimum there should be a filter where you can choose the amp type so you have at least a base to start from.



The smart amp and app that jam along with you using intelligent technology. Play and practice with millions of songs and access over 10,000 tones powered by our award-winning BIAS tone engine.

*Smart Jam*
The Spark amp and app work together to learn your style and feel, and then generate authentic bass and drums to accompany you. It’s a smart virtual band that goes wherever you go!

*Auto Chords*
Automatically display chords for millions of songs.
Choose any song, and Spark will auto display its chords in real-time as you play. Easy controls let you slow down the song’s tempo or loop a difficult section as you master playing it.

*Voice Command*
The Spark app responds to your voice commands. Tell it to stream a rock song or a blues backing track, or ask for a virtual band to follow your playing.

*Tone Engine*
Whether you play pristine melodies, crunchy chords or soaring leads, Spark gives you a full amp modeling and multi-effects engine, powered by Positive Grid’s state-of-the-art BIAS with the most realistic virtual tube amps and effects on the planet.

*10,000+ Tones*
The Spark app provides over 10,000 killer guitar and bass amp -and-FX presets from famous guitarists, professional session players, expert studio engineers and hit-making producers from around the world.