Pot Master 3D

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Revenue 30381 19985

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Pot Master 3D
  • Pot Master 3D
  • Pot Master 3D
  • Pot Master 3D


Developer Coda Platform Limited
BundleID com.pottery.game
Version 2.2
Size 147.2MB
Released August 30,2019
Updated June 14,2020
Score 4.6
Review Num 13789
Support https://coda.xyz/contact-us/
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Jessolovely - 2020-07-05 10:32:16


    Cool game for those who want to do pottery and create. I just wish there were more designs to use for the pottery. I also think that we should be able to free style pottery. Overall good concept and helps me when I don’t want to aimlessly scroll thru social media.

  • akdhelekche - 2020-07-06 14:19:19

    ADS! Ugh

    So annoying. There is a 30 second ad after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. Seriously? Way to take something that should be relaxing like pottery and make it infuriating.

  • eeferddgg - 2020-07-04 09:00:46

    Sooooo amazing

    This game is so fun I ❤️this game I love the fact that you can sculpt your own way and you sell your creation cool


Create realistic 3D ceramic pottery with just a finger swipe!