NinGenius Music Ultimate

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  • NinGenius Music Ultimate
  • NinGenius Music Ultimate
  • NinGenius Music Ultimate
  • NinGenius Music Ultimate
  • NinGenius Music Ultimate
  • NinGenius Music Ultimate


Developer Anthony Winters
BundleID net.ningenius.music2
Version 2.1.1
Size 359.0MB
Released August 15,2019
Updated July 29,2020
Score 4.8
Review Num 123
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Christiejo5 - 2019-08-12 16:18:18

    I can’t wait to use this in my band class!

    This app has so much of the ultra-practical music theory that my band students need in order to read music more accurately, including key signature application and concert pitch transpositions. The rhythm levels are also very cool and will help my students keep track of their counting better, especially with rests! Like the original NinGenius app it also has all the notes and fingerings that advanced musicians need to learn. Can’t wait to see (and hear) this app’s effect on my bands!

  • Oh Pammy - 2020-02-12 13:18:25

    Great for a well rounded practice tool

    I really like this app. It’s great for practicing each phase of learning. My only complaint is ; too much time runs off the clock before you’re able to select a different answer after selecting the wrong answer. It’s a several second delay before you can choose another answer.

  • Ivoryleague - 2019-08-15 19:14:54

    Piano teacher loves this app!

    My piano students are going to LOVE this app! I really like the way the levels progress and give a student plenty of repetition with the goal of doing the test fast enough. My kids enjoy ningenius but this ultimate has so much more! Cheryl Wiker The Ivory League Piano Studio


The only music mastery app featuring all instrument NOTES, FINGERINGS, RHYTHMS & THEORY. Add UNLIMITED student users for one small price! The new ninja customization allows students to personalize their ninja's looks. Let our ninja master test and motivate your piano, string, brass, woodwind, or percussion students to conquer the essentials of music notation. Fingering graphics are clear and attractive, with appropriate ALTERNATE FINGERINGS shown in red. Your remediation troubles are over!

Your students will work like never before to master their note names and fingerings under the pressure of frenzied music and a timer moving closer to zero! They will want to play over and over to make it to the next belt test, increasing their speed and accuracy as they master every essential music fundamental.