Stickman Dash!

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  • Stickman Dash!
  • Stickman Dash!
  • Stickman Dash!
  • Stickman Dash!
  • Stickman Dash!
  • Stickman Dash!


Developer MADBOX
Version 1.5.0
Size 132.8MB
Released February 28,2019
Updated May 5,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 19461
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Nope, i cant say it - 2020-03-04 08:04:16


    I like the concept of this game, but too many ads. The game will be fine until I press cancel instead of “Open Chest-room” since I don’t wanna have a ad, but the ad still shows up. Also, when I’m dashing and going places, it’s like nothing ever happened. I would go in front of a bullet while it’s going slow motion, and somehow it speeds up and hits me when I obliviously dashed in front of it. There are too many ads to even feel like playing this game, whenever I’m bored I go onto my phone, and I just don’t wanna click the app because I don’t feel like going through all the ads. The main thing I think you can improve on is the ads, I’m fine with the glitchy system with bullets but the ads are too much. The “pay for no ads” is kinda like pay to win. You can’t really complete a whole round without having at least 3 ads. Just remove 1/3 of all the ads that come up please, thank you

  • Finnley2012 - 2020-03-10 05:31:50

    Very good game!

    This game is very good game! But I have one slight complaint about the chest room. I clicked on a chest an ad popped up and restarted the room. This is a request to the dev to please remove the ad chests.

  • hdnbfjd - 2020-03-18 05:12:54

    Stickman dash

    This is a very great game, but I could use a little more customizable characters and it needs trails. I love to play this game and it is very fun. I spend hours on it playing


Welcome to Stickman Dash, you made the right choice coming here!

Play a powerful fighter with the ability to slow-down time. Dash through your ennemies, dodge their bullets and be precise to activate combo hits

Super easy-to-play controls, juste hold & release in the direction you want to go.

You feel like you're getting good at it? Beware of Boss Levels, every now and then, that will challenge you!
Hundreds of levels, pattern, and bosses are waiting for you!

Collect skins for your character, become the most powerful warrior of Stickman Dash

Feel free to give us feedbacks about the game <3