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Developer Doris Gonzales
Version 1.2
Size 47.8MB
Released September 12,2019
Updated September 12,2019
Language English ,German ,Japanese ,Korean ,Russian ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


Help identify different animals, birds and insects by their name and sound. Initially, the name of the animal will be played and only the sound of the animal in question will be given to teach you the name of the animal and to expand the variety of familiar sounds and noises. The app is thematically divided into 7 different categories. After each line of animals in the category, a test is provided to test your knowledge. The number of test runs is unlimited. Your child will learn as pets, livestock, safari dwellers, wild animals, jungle animals, birds, etc. The acquired knowledge will serve as a successful start for the future of your small animal researcher.

This app is designed to serve individual users who are interested in learning Latvian languages around the world.