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Developer LEGO
Version 2.1.0
Size 1,553.8MB
Released October 5,2019
Updated January 28,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 2376
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0

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  • Awesomenator 836 - 2020-02-13 10:23:38


    I love it but it’s hard to earn large amounts of gloom in haunt Mode and I don’t know how to unlock the other locations for haunt mode. Please tell me how. Update: Scanning for gloom takes forever in gloom scam mode. Please fix this. Update 2: when I said the other locations. I meant like the bus, the ghost lab, etc. Update 3: I did exactly what you said and I don’t know where specially on the bottom of the screen I can track my progress. Also when is the next update because much as I love the graveyard, I’m getting tired of it. Also have you considered adding a power up that gives you more time and unlockable achievements? Update 4: thank you for adding the ghost lab and the high school. Can’t wait to play through the other locations. Also I love the Halloween special event. P.S. when is the next update? And please add two locations for the next one. And have you considered adding a ghost with a gloom magnet ability? I also love how j.b.’s pose is a little more detailed and dynamic. Update 5: I didn’t get the winter event update. Like, when I opened the application, there was no third Meter for the winter capsules. Please fix as soon as possible. Update 6: I got the update. Can’t wait for the stunt truck, the shrimp boat, and the shrimp shack. Also question: are there going to be any more seasonal events in the future? Update 7: I saw a few trailers for season 2 content and it looks good. Is there really going to be a multiplayer mode for all the locations?(1 player/team is the hunter and the other player/team is the ghost)because something like that would be so awesome. Update 8: I got the update. I love that you actually did the multiplayer mode for both hunter mode and ghost mode. Although it is going to take a while to get used to having 6 other ghosts on your team. Update 9: when are you going to make the shrimp boat a haunting location? Also what’s up with the Easter eggs?(e.g. the canoe from the aforementioned boat is seen under the shrimp shack, the dragon graffiti from the stunt truck makes an appearance on one of the train cars, the rover from the Shrimp shack attack is one of the vehicles around the beach buggy, etc), Speaking of the rover, I found a glitch regarding it. If you look at it from the side, there is a part of the tent it’s under going through it, but if you look at it from the front, it looks normal. Please fix in a future update(along with any other bugs you find).

  • Evansmark314 - 2020-02-15 09:46:56

    Great game though it needs a few more updates

    This game is certainly one of LEGO's greatest ideas and it has lots of replay value. I do have some ideas to improve it though as of the recent update. 1. Can you please bring back solo ghost mode? It's the only way to level up ghosts and because of multiplayer it's become very hard to get spirit and research points. 2. Can you please give Captain Archibald back his Kraken Call power and Mr. Nibs' his Shadow bear power? (I hope you'll give the Season 2 boss ghosts their own powers too) 3. Can the physical ghosts from the Tree set be obtainable ghosts? 4. Could you maybe add ambience sounds and messages from J.B. to the Season 2 sets? 5. Samuel Mason’s idle animation seem to be broken. 6. Why does the Train Station Monster have two lanterns and clocks? (Bug fix) 7. Could you maybe add the ghosts from the LEGO Hidden Side comics into the game? It would be cool to catch Jedediah for my collection.

  • Greho - 2020-02-12 04:13:39

    Good, but...

    I downloaded the app because I got the free example set at the LEGO Store (40408 Drag Racer) with my International Space Station set. The set is good, and a quick, fun build, and I always like getting new minifigs. I was confused when I opened the Hidden Side app, and went to select my set, only to find my set not listed. If you’re giving this set away to get people to try it, I think that’s not a good look. After deciding to try the “minifig” option, I was able to aim my camera at the haunted minifig, and play the game. +1 for including a way to play with minifigs without a set. -1 for not listing the set I had in my hands. This set (40408) has two fold-out haunted eyeballs on the drag racer. Are those supposed to interact with the app, also, if the app listed this set? Are vehicles and buildings haunted or is it only the minifigs? I’ve been left with more questions than answers.


A new update: multiplayer mobile game experience!
LEGO® Hidden Side™ works by combining real life and the virtual world—but now it’s even more engaging. Multiplayer mode adds an entirely new dimension to the Hidden Side AR experience. One player becomes the hunter while up to three friends play as ghosts. Who will win? Playing the game is the only way to find out!

Welcome to LEGO® HIDDEN SIDE™ and the quiet town of Newbury. 

See your set, minifigures, and ghosts come to life with our free AR app, and turn your phone into an instant ghost-hunting device. 

Just scan any of the eight haunting sets and join our heroes Jack and Parker on their supernatural missions!

Meet your team of ghost hunters, including Jack, Parker & JB!

It’s super easy to start your ghost-hunting career: 
1.	Build your set
2.	Download the app to turn your phone into a ghost detector
3.	Scan your model to reveal the Hidden Side of Newbury
… and then hunt those haunting hazards!

Do you like ghost stories? Build and be part of one!

Designed for kids aged 7+.

The app works on devices that support ARkit for iOS.  
iPhone 6S or newer iPhones support ARKit. Compatible iPads include iPad Pro (all models), iPad 5th & 6th generations (2018 or newer). 

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure and the brick & knob configuration are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2019 The LEGO Group.