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BundleID com.UbaWorld.ubaworld
Version 1.4
Size 167.8MB
Released July 1,2020
Updated July 1,2020
Support https://www.ubaworld.co.uk
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 12.0

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We are learning new things everyday and aim to update the app regularly so that it is better for you. Thanks for supporting UbaWorld on this journey!


UbaWorld aims to bridge the gap by having everything related to property on a single platform, whilst creating a community that can easily connect with each other in a smart and simple way, no matter where you are in your property journey!


*NO FEES - Your Go to place for all things property easily accessible on a single platform, completely free to join and use.

*ASK UBA - Creating a community by connecting with others. Whether you're looking to move to the UK and don't know how to go about looking for a place or a First time Buyer trying to understand your responsibilities as a new Landlord. Whatever it is to do with property, there's always great advice that you can find just as long as you ask. You are never alone.

*INSIGHT - The beginners property guide right at your fingertips.

*REMINDERS - What do you spend the most on? List your bills and utilities and keep on track.

Knowledge is power as they say. We’re here to make things easier but we can’t do that without YOU.