Roller Splat!

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Revenue 9495 5061

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  • Roller Splat!
  • Roller Splat!
  • Roller Splat!
  • Roller Splat!
  • Roller Splat!


Developer Voodoo
BundleID com.neonplay.casualrollersplat2
Version 2.2.1
Size 318.1MB
Released January 26,2019
Updated November 14,2019
Score 4.3
Review Num 108668
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • PeterSixSiege - 2020-07-06 05:23:15

    If you wanted a challenge, don’t download

    Voodoo games are known to be low effort, unoriginal, greedy, filled with ads, and to treat their players as if they are a toddler. All the levels are way too easy and don’t require any sort of brain power to beat. You could get to level 1000 and still get easy levels. Normally I don’t care about difficulty in games but this is a puzzle game. It would be better if players could design their own levels and upload it so others could play, but that will never get implemented. If you wanted a challenge don’t install this game.

  • pleasejustread - 2020-07-06 04:55:27

    It’s just one giant Ad

    Ad covers game. I try to touch screen to make the ad disappear, but a full screen ad appears instead. I would love to rate the game, but then the company would actually have to let me play it. I don’t know if I like the game, so I have no intention of paying $3 to get rid of the ads before knowing if the game is worth keeping.

  • viny moots - 2020-07-03 19:07:18


    Hey look not to be mean but this is a game I don’t play for a while.this game has to many ads. Like Literally AFTER EACH LEVEL AN STUPID AD COMES UP. I’m sorry. But also the levels are to easy i like the bonus though. I’m really sorry I don’t like this game.👎🏻


Grab this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE!

Swipe up, down and all around to send your vibrant paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color all over the clean white maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint. It feels so satisfying, who doesn't love a clean coat of fresh paint?

Roller Splat! is the exciting free game you'll want to tell your friends about. Which level can they get to?!

- Unique and fun puzzles levels
- Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action.
- Fun and relaxing to play
- Free to play
- Bright and colourful
- Loads of vibrant paint colors
- Simple and satisfying
- Beautifully clean and fluid paint physics