Swing Rider!

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 2325 1377
Income 10969 62527

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Swing Rider!
  • Swing Rider!
  • Swing Rider!
  • Swing Rider!
  • Swing Rider!


Developer Voodoo
BundleID com.semeevs.swingrider
Version 1.8
Size 245.3MB
Released June 28,2019
Updated November 11,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 38378
Support https://voodoo.io
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • love face 12 - 2020-02-22 05:48:41

    Defects in game...

    Sometimes when your on the little ramp thing you’ll glitch through it and usually end up losing which is dumb. Also you get points at the end of matches but you can’t do anything with them so it gets boring over time and that’s all I gotta say bout that game. On to the next one!

  • maddie and jojo - 2020-02-23 05:27:13


    You want to me tell her you want her you can’t do ranything is rshe ris is the day I can’t do that I don’t know what to do with you I can’t do it right now I wanna was a good night andI was a good day I got a girl that I got eot was the day I wanna I like the one I

  • Slpashclaw Riverclan - 2020-02-25 01:52:32


    I love this game so much it is so simple and fun! One thing for the editors is please make a free play mode where you can just swing around and practice! Good Work!


Exciting adventure of ordinary girls and men through the city.
One-tap easy-to-learn controls, cool animation and very simple addictive gameplay mechanics.