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Developer Byte Inc.
Version 0.3.4
Size 60.4MB
Released January 24,2020
Updated July 30,2020
Score 4.2
Review Num 7694
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 11.1


  • wat is 2day why cant i slay - 2020-08-03 15:01:46

    love this app, but very work in progress

    byte is actually really cool because the community is non-toxic, i love the “channels” and how easy it is to get on people’s “my mix”page. making it so that no one but you can see your followers was a smart idea, no need to be ashamed of how many followers you have. although the app features are still very beta and work in progress, seeing whats coming up next, i think it will be a better app. - tiktok refugee

  • flower/scar - 2020-08-03 14:03:54

    Don’t have a front camera:/

    I love this app so far but I don’t have a front camera I have a back though so can u change it so I can post so I don’t have to be on TikTok anymore I would love to keep this app but I would like to post to you know:/

  • 1 c4nt th1nk 0f a n1ckn4me - 2020-08-03 14:00:37

    I don’t like this app

    i wish i could rate this app less than 1 star. That’s how bad and unfunny this app is. It has potential to be a really fun and great app, but I personally don’t find it funny or enjoyable.


byte is a video app for communities. find your thing, connect with new people, and share your world.