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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download Rank 2034 335
Sales Rank 2882 773

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan
  • Tag with Ryan


Developer Wildworks, Inc.
BundleID com.WildWorks.RyansTag
Version 1.15.2
Size 300.9MB
Released December 18,2018
Updated February 1,2021
Score 4.1
Review Num 6839
Support https://help.tagwithryan.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002487853-FAQ
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Madelyn Wogle - 2021-02-23 09:06:47

    The 🍕

    So I like this game but the pizzas are hard to get so it takes a wile to get 100 of them sometimes and you need more then 100 pizzas to get a 🚗 and a Ryan costume and I really don’t like the point of that. Ok because it makes the game harder so I like getting 🍕 but it’s hard to get 200 to. I have 53/75 of the Ryan costumes. There hard to get. Because you have to tag Gus so many times. It’s hard for my fingers to play that long to. How much costumes did you get? I hope you also got a lot of Ryan costumes yo like me. There are so many of them I like the map. Because it gives you so many Ryan costumes. And a new 🚙 which I think is awesome. -MaddyWigle

  • cas and jes - 2021-02-21 22:21:29


    Got coupon for “free tag with Ryan game” which ended up being “free costumes” you can’t use till you pay. So I pay a min of $1 for the free game and we have only had it for maybe 20 min and my 4 yr old is still learning and has already ran out of pizza which the only way he can play more is if we pay more. Such a shameful blatant scam.

  • hummijjuh - 2021-02-19 04:04:14

    Love this game

    Hi I love this game and I love Ryan he is so fun to watch but I am a girl and I think u should add girls to the game like Emma and Kate Ryan’s twin sisters that would be great this game should be for girls and boys right?


Official authorized app of Ryan's World.

Do you have what it takes to outrun Combo Panda? Tag with Ryan is the coolest endless runner game for ALL AGES!

Combo Panda, the ultimate gamer, has challenged his friend Ryan to an endless game of tag! Combo Panda has hidden Ryan's different costumes all over the game, and Gus the VTuber is helping guard them. It's up to you and Ryan to unlock them all!

- Collect all of Ryan's cool costumes
- Run through incredible landscapes
- Unlock epic power-ups
- Speed through levels in awesome vehicles
- Complete new missions every day
- Free to play!

Collect Suns and Pizzas, and use them to unlock awesome upgrades like power-ups, vehicles, and costumes! The farther you run, the more you collect! Can you unlock them all?

Join Ryan in his coolest running adventure, Tag with Ryan!