Knife Rush Fruit


  • Knife Rush Fruit
  • Knife Rush Fruit
  • Knife Rush Fruit
  • Knife Rush Fruit
  • Knife Rush Fruit


Developer Angela Anderson
BundleID Game.App.Hit
Version 1.0
Size 53.7MB
Released November 9,2018
Updated November 9,2018
Score 4.5
Review Num 2184
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • Grinchomill - 2019-01-12 08:40:26

    Very fun game

    She tried to feel me,” Sri said with terror in her whole face. “What? What do you mean with ‘trying to feel’ you?” Christine, who was sitting right next to me, asked. She looked just as surprised as me, but I was too stunned to say anything. “She… Well, I came to say goodbye, of course… She was out when I came here to give you guys a farewell, so… when I saw her on my way out, I thought I’d give a proper goodbye… And then… she told me to come near her, and so I did. But then… she hugged me. Which, I thought, was not a big deal, until… until she tried to grab my butt, and I felt her lips on my neck and her other hand tried to caress my breast, and…— ” Sri stopped, too horrified to continue. There was a silence for a short time before Christine finally shouted, “She WHAT??” Again, I was lost for words, still trying to process what I just heard. “Are you sure that’s what she did to you? I mean, that she wasn’t joking at all?” Sri shook her head over and over, as if trying responded to Christine’s question and at the same time trying to forget the unpleasant memory of what she just told us in her head. “I… I don’t know, but I don’t think she was joking. She looked me straight in the eye, and… she didn’t look as if she’s playing around.” This time, even Christine was lost for words as well. Another silence filled the room. “I… I tried to back away quickly, to show her that… that I’m not that kind, you know, but she approached. I kept backing away slowly, and then she… she asked me… She asked me whether I was sure to leave, because… She said she could secure a place for me in this class if I want to, give me a second chance to continue my study here. She’d asked her dad and…” Sri stopped.

  • no nickname sorrt - 2019-01-18 11:16:32

    Ye it was ok

    The game was relaxing and gives me something to do when I’m bored. But I have some ideas that would have me give you a glowing 5 stars. I don’t like the level idea. I think you should have three knifes and every time someone runs out of those it’s game over. And so there are no levels it just runs with random hard or easy I do like the watermelon idea though you should keep that. But overall it was a pretty good game.

  • lil_oof gurl - 2019-04-09 11:58:41

    My a fave game

    Me and my family have this game in our devices and we can’t stop playing 5 stars for this even my baby brother plays this game

Promotional Text

The new knife challenge! It’s a very funny game that you must play——Knife Rush Fruit!
Knife Rush Fruit is an amazing and filled with challenge knife throwing casual game.


There are two modes of Knife Rush Fruit, and two kinds of gameplay of it. In big fruit slashing, the amount of knife is unlimited; in small fruit slashing, the number of knife is limited. The core gameplay of both modes is taping the screen to throw knives out and stabbing all rotating targets. The game is over if the knives you thrown hit other knives or small fruit is not slashed completely when knives are running out.

• Two modes
• Unlimited time
• Challenge game
• Realistic sound effects
• Easy to play and master 

Target carefully, slash the fruit and become a knife master!