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BundleID com.sentral.sentral
Version 1.1
Size 38.1MB
Released October 18,2019
Updated February 10,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 7
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 12.0

Promotional Text

Access your favorite tunes from Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and your local music library, all in one app!


Why scatter your favorite songs across four apps when you can listen to them all from one? With Sentral Music, simple music streaming has never been easier—just grab a new song from any of your accounts and play music any way you want.

Apple Music. Spotify. Soundcloud. Amazon Music. YouTube Music. There are so many music apps these days, and each of them has exclusive content or features that you can’t get on any of the others. In fact, 60% of millennials use two or more music streaming apps for their audio; each one has content or features you can’t get on the others. Such a hassle, right?

Why not centralize your song library? Sentral Music gives you access to your favorite streaming platforms, all in one single dashboard. With this new music app, you can search for songs, customize your library, and create playlists with content from every popular music app and listen to all of your music, all the time.

Sentral is a new free music app designed to consolidate your music library. Simply use Sentral’s music dashboard to log into each of your libraries and start streaming audio from all across the internet! Play songs from your local music library, Spotify, or even your favorite SoundCloud artists. Take your favorite songs with you from anywhere on the web; music sharing has never been so easy.

Sentral is 100% free! There’s no cost to make an account, no premium payments, nothing required but the accounts you already have on your favorite music app. Upload music to your playlists from the largest consolidated music library in the world, with Spotify’s 30 million song library, Apple Music’s 45 million, and the 125 million songs on Soundcloud adding up to an inconceivable 190 million audio tracks. From top 40s musicians to your favorite indie artists, from Taylor Swift to that garage band that plays down the street from you; if you want a song, we’ve got it!