Fantasy Football Draft Kit '19

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  • Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Kit


Developer Roto Sports, Inc.
BundleID com.rotowire.football2019draft
Version 1.2
Size 26.4MB
Released June 12,2019
Updated July 17,2019
Score 5
Review Num 8505
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

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  • brianbucknj - 2019-08-30 09:12:50

    Easy. Fast. Great

    I have no idea why this app has any bad reviews. It makes drafting very easy. Set your draft order and league settings before the draft, and then quickly swipe players directly from cheat sheet to the teams. Maybe the rankings and projections aren’t the best or most detailed in the biz, but there is more than ample info to draft a winning team. Updates, depth charts,’s all there. Do a little homework before your draft and you will be fine. This app is all you need. For $5 you can’t beat it.

  • GoPadres1904 - 2019-08-30 13:49:05

    Rankings have to be off

    Ive checked the scoring settings for my PPR league and the app still has: 1. Saquon 2. Alvin 3. Cmc 4. Zeke 5. leveon 6. David Johnson 7. Nick Chubb 8. Deandre Hopkins I understand there will always be some subjectivity with rankings, but Hopkins should def be ranked higher than DJ and Chubb in a PPR league. Also, I have to agree with other ratings that state the interface is clunky. Creating multiple league’s is far from seamless. There are better options out there and the rankings need to be addressed.

  • MrRiphRaph - 2019-09-01 09:25:59

    Best $5 I ever spent!

    This app made draft night so smooth and easy. It helped organize so I not only saw my team on a grid but also everyone else’s. It was all color coded and every pick got taken off the ADP cheat sheet so I clearly could see who was left in every category. Then I was able to send a copy of the entire draft to our manager. The one time I had a question they responded the next day! Amazing draft tool and great source of information- I can’t wait to see how it helps me over the forthcoming season.


Imagine you could get access to a cheat sheet that adjusts to fit your league settings AND allows you to mark off players during your draft. That’s exactly what the 2019 RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit can do for you. This powerful app has all the features you need to dominate during your draft. 

► THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TRUST ROTOWIRE’S FANTASY FOOTBALL COVERAGE has been the leading source of premium fantasy sports information on the internet for over 15 years. Over the past few years, our writers have won three times as many awards as the next closest competitor. We talk fantasy sports daily on our Sirius-XM radio show and also provide fantasy news to many of the leading online sports sites. 


Simply enter your league's scoring and roster settings and the app creates rankings from a value-based calculation that uses RotoWire's 2019 stat projections. Here are few of the features: 

- A cheat sheet that ranks players based on projected stats for 2019 using your league's settings. 
- The cheat sheet is a Value Based Drafting method that accounts for your league's categories, roster, etc. 
- For drafts: The ability to manually rank players to your preference. 
- Mock drafts against AI. 
- outlooks for the 2019 season for hundreds of players.
- Recent news and analysis for players. 
- Projected Standings for your league. 
- We offer the ability to tier players or mark them as sleepers or busts.
- Notes can be added on each player.
- Functionality that lets you easily keep track of who has been drafted. 
- Team depth charts. 
- Projected stats for the 2019 season. 
- Player stats from the last three seasons. 
- The ability to download updated news and stat projections until the start of the 2019 season. 
- A player search that allows you to quickly find players. 
- Individual defensive player rankings. 
- Ability to use Team QB and Team K in your roster. 
- Current fantasy football articles from experts. 
- The cheat sheet isn't ordered just by projected point totals, we calculate player rankings based on your league's settings. 

All the data for the app is stored on your device, so internet access at your draft isn't required. The first time you use the app, we highly recommend connecting to the internet to allow the app to update the player info. 


- Number of teams in the draft 
- Roster spots including: QB or Team QB, RB, WR, TE, Flex QB/RB/WR/TE, Flex RB/WR/TE, Flex RB/WR, Flex WR/TE, K or Team K, Team DEF, Individual Defensive Players (DL, LB, DB), Reserves 
- Offense Scoring Including: Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, Incomplete Passes, Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Passing INTs, Sacks Taken, Bonuses for Games With 300+ Pass Yards, 350+ Pass Yards, 400+ Pass Yards, 100+ Rush Yards, 150+ Rush Yards, 200+ Rush Yards, 100+ Receiving Yards, 150+ Receiving Yards, 200+ Receiving Yards, Bonuses for a TD Pass of 40+ Yards, TD Pass of 50+ Yards, TD Rush of 40+ Yards, TD Rush of 50+ Yards, TD Reception of 40+ Yards, TD Reception of 50+ Yards, Rushing Attempts, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving TDs, Fumbles Lost, 2-Point Conversions, and First Downs
- Defense Scoring Including: IDP Tackles, IDP Passes Defended, Sacks, Interceptions, Fumbles Forced, Fumbles Recovered, Safeties, TDs, Blocked Kicks, Tackles For Loss, 3 And Outs, 4th Down Stops, Points Allowed, Yards Allowed
- Kicker Scoring Including: Field Goals Attempted, FG 0-19 Yards, FG 20-29 Yards, FG 30-39 Yards, FG 40-49 Yards, FG 50+ Yards, Extra Points Attempted, Extra Points Made, Extra Points Missed, and Field Goals Missed.


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