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Developer ZhongXing Liu
BundleID Hnkj.Fill
Version 1.3
Size 26.4MB
Released September 23,2018
Updated March 21,2020
Score 4.60253
Review Num 2292
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • MattDonahoe - 2020-03-18 01:52:40

    The game is so fun I wrote a solver

    I love this game. It’s a metaphor for life’s journey: you try to find your unique path through the world without getting distracted by ads. I make job candidates write a brute force solver for this game as part of my company’s interviewing process. I’m curious how the optimal solver would work...

  • Atpaddict - 2019-01-12 05:43:21

    Good game, lots of bugs

    For such a simple game and simple app I was surprised just how many times the app bugged out and crashed on me... which was a lot to say the least. Kinda annoying

  • lovestarshine - 2019-01-14 04:10:59


    I love fill because it’s challenging I love challenging things and it’s fun and what I love about it most is the hints and the colors


There are many puzzle games, and this one is great of the list. There’s no time limit, there’s no pressure, just relaxing puzzle solving. The puzzles get harder as you go, but they’re all solvable with some logical thinking. And, if you get stuck, there’s a hint system which shows you the next steps. This fun addictive game has plenty of gameplay value and thousands of puzzle to solve.
The rules are extremely simple.Just fill in all of the blocks connect the block and the Ending block using only one line.Your brain becomes more active the more you play.Use hints for puzzles that are too hard to solve.Hints are also free, of course.3 levels of difficulty.
S color block is the beginning block, and the other same color one is the ending block.

The goal is simple: can you reach the end of each level? 

Drag to create lines across the board. 

Fill every square in a single line to win! 

Test your mind against many different puzzles in this tricky game!

-------------- Features---------------------

* Easy to play, and FREE block game for all ages.
* Elegantly design and Support leaderboard,
* Don't worry! No time limits! No Internet limits
* Play this brain puzzle game for anytime, anywhere, pleasurable no wifi.
* Simple and satisfying gameplay!
* Clean, simple graphics
* So many fun 1000 levels to fill!
* 4 levels of difficulty.
* No Wifi
* Battery life
* Train your brain

Don’t get too cozy—the puzzles get harder as you go along.