Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

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Download 4663 1797
Income 659 368

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  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
  • Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery


Developer WhaleApp LTD
BundleID com.whaleapp.hiddenhotel
Version 1.1.39
Size 315.1MB
Released February 23,2019
Updated February 18,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 16007
Support http://www.whaleapp.com
Language Chinese ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Turkish ,Ukrainian
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0

Comment information

  • adsnomoew - 2020-02-25 22:30:35

    Awesome Support Team

    I’ve been playing this game a little under 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. I had a small issue last night and contacted the support team this morning. Their quick response, fix and generous gift of extra stars was beyond what I expected. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves hidden object games with the added bonus that is you ever have an issue, it will be resolved promptly. Thanks WhaleApp LTD support, you guys rock!

  • anastasia971 - 2020-02-25 02:51:03

    No support, steals money, hackers

    This used to be my favorite game. Then the developers ruined it. Too much energy required to play a level, it freezes all the time, time limits are too short to complete the hard levels. All a ploy to get you to spend more money for more time, boosters and energy. Players hack the game to make it impossible to win boosters. Support doesn’t reply to concerns.

  • jalfiji - 2020-02-26 12:28:48

    Can’t play

    I recently got a new iPhone. I used to have a Samsung. I contacted customer support and they said it’d take time however my game would transfer to my new phone. I’ve since tried contacting customer support because nothing has changed and no one has tried contacting me. I just want to play my game where I left off, that’s all...


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Love is in the air! If you don’t know exactly what you want to do on this St. Valentine’s Day, join the most romantic adventure of the year with Hidden Hotel! Enjoy a love story, meet your dream date, and celebrate romance! Organize a lovely party and celebrate Saint Valentine’s day with a heart full of love! And let this February 14, Valentine’s Day, be the most precious day of your life!

Search like a pro 

Try to find all the hidden objects concealed within a larger picture as quickly as you can. Feel like a detective from the novels about Sherlock Holmes and satisfy your appetite for adventure. Activate your sense of observation to find all mysterious clues in the Hidden Hotel mobile game. Solve challenging puzzles, seek hidden items, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Finding tiny clues will lead to solving the great mystery!

Mind the details

Difficulty increases as you play each scene seeking new hidden objects. Tap and open the doors to find hidden objects behind them. Pull aside the heavy curtains to reveal what items are concealed there. Open the boxes to uncover what’s kept there. It's not really that simple, but you can do this! Get the highest score for every scene, no matter how tricky it is!

Take advantage of boosters

Use search tools if you get stuck. Boosters help to find hidden objects faster and speed up progress! Lanterns tell where the items are by highlighting them. Clocks give some extra time. The keys open 3 items on the location. Radars show every item in the scene for a second. 

Try all the search modes

Hidden Hotel includes a wide variety of mysterious hidden object seek and find modes: word search, cobweb, silhouette, reverse words, and coins. To make things even more exciting, we systematically update our content with brand new and high-quality perks so that you can always find something original! Pay attention to all the hidden clues, and maybe Hidden Hotel will reveal its secrets to you! 

Come inside and find

Artistically crafted hidden-object scenes located in the old hotel will give you a chance to relax! Hidden Hotel is full of eye-catching objects and fascinating settings. Seek and find fruits and delicious desserts in the kitchen, postcards, magnets, and figurines in the souvenir shop, blooming flowers, sunglasses or lovely pieces of jewelry in the actress’s hotel apartments.

Give it a go

Hidden Hotel and unique design of hidden object scenes appeal to a diverse audience with some taste for the art of object hunting. Due to the impressive colorfulness and detailed environments, the game will attract players of all ages. Seek and find images will evoke your curiosity and keep your attention for a long time. Hidden Hotel search takes hours to examine the old buildings’ mysterious rooms. Feel like a hero of the adventure story and immerse yourself in the virtual world of Hidden Hotel!

Enjoy the benefits

Hidden Hotel helps you to develop an eye for details, sharp memory, and good logical skills. Try your concentration and focus while searching for hidden objects. The game is useful for the whole family and for players of all ages. Escape from boredom and relieve yourself from the stress of everyday life while exercising your mental abilities. Test your seek and find expertise and keep your brain well-trained!

● Incredible cinematic storyline 
● Combination of hidden object seek and find game and hotel renovation 
● Hundreds of designable interiors to express creativity
● Unique boosters
● Cute characters
● Wide range of hidden objects to find
● Daily bonuses

Are you ready to start your search for the best hidden object game? Prove that you have eagle-eye seek-and-find skills! Mystery and adventures await you! Immerse yourself in the world of hidden objects! Hidden objects won't stay hidden long with your best talent on the task! Join the popular detective search-and-find mobile game Hidden Hotel now!