Golf Blitz

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 674 303
Income 1822 1936

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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Free·Action 76 70
Free·Sports Games 24 16
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  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz
  • Golf Blitz


Developer Noodlecake
BundleID com.noodlecake.ssg4
Version 1.9.1
Size 107.4MB
Released May 1,2019
Updated December 4,2019
Score 4.7
Review Num 24226
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.3

Comment information

  • Allofthisfornothing - 2019-12-12 14:55:14

    There’s room for improvement

    I understand the frustration with out-playing everyone until the last inch from the hole, just to end up in dead last. My biggest annoyance is with the matchmaking itself. I’m level 22. Why exactly is a level 32 or even 40 playing in a game with me? And having perks that are only unlocked through purchases isn’t exactly fair. I get it, micro transactions are a thing now, but I thought there was a little bit of morals with it still...even COD is still the same game if you never spend a dollar. This game is crazy addicting and fun to play, but it’s getting to the point that it’s causing more frustration than it’s worth. I’ve made myself a deal that the next 10 level higher player I get matched with, and inevitably lose to, I’m uninstalling. So tomorrow will likely be the last time I play the game.

  • nmitchell19 - 2019-12-13 22:35:33

    Add emojis!!

    I love this game I play it all the time but I didn’t know that if you add an emoji to your username it makes the emoji all white and you can’t tell what it’s supposed to be. I’d like to change it back to what I had but I can only change my user name once and now I’m Stuck with it unfortunately. Maybe in the future please add emojis or something game developers. Still love the game and will play it everyday

  • Farquaht - 2019-12-12 05:11:58

    Awful, total waste of time

    This game may have been great, but the developer apparently doesn’t give 2 s**ts about fairness. Level 5 vs. level 30??? Wait times are horrendous, game is glitchy (your player will swing if your finger even twitches), physics are not reliable from hole to hole... So much wrong here, and they don’t care at all. Also, it seems like most of the positive reviews are from Noodlecake employees...


You've never played golf like this before! Team up, challenge your friends or compete in real-time against players from across the globe to get to the top of the clubhouse. 

Play on some of the most wildly creative courses ever imagined. Customize your golfer and pack your bag with all sorts of power-ups like sticky balls, grenades, lasers and more. 

Golf Blitz is an entirely new way to play the outrageously fun multiplayer Race Mode from the award-winning Super Stickman Golf series. No cheaters. No slowpokes. ALL BLITZ!

• Compete: Battle in real-time 4-person multiplayer golf races! Earn trophies to get to the top of the global leaderboard.
• Show-off: Over 15,000 combinations of fun golfer avatars and memorable hats!
• Team Up: Chat with your buds, play friendly matches, get your own team leaderboard and trade cards!
• Power-Up: Golf Blitz includes 16 unique balls all with their own upgradeable level system and special gameplay effects
• Upgrade: Earn XP to level up your golfer's skill set to best suit your play style
• Spectate: Like to watch? Stream live matches from all over the world to learn from the pros.
• Face the Challenge: Golf Blitz features outrageously fun special challenge modes where the rules are changed and exclusive prizes are on the line for the best golfers!
• Stay Fresh: Golf Blitz is always changing with new courses, challenges, and features based on player feedback! 

Golf Blitz requires a network connection to play