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Developer Lorem Ipsum Co.
BundleID xyz.dlgamgenterprises.1888
Version 2.0
Size 44.8MB
Released July 30,2018
Updated January 20,2019
Score 4.4
Review Num 662
Support https://www.instagram.com/1888app/
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Deziii(: - 2020-01-22 03:55:57

    Doesn’t work if ur not white!

    The quality of the app is “cute” for two seconds but the interface is rather horrible. It seems the filter favors a lot towards white people, which would seem like an easy fix if you cared to update you app more frequently instead once a year. The nearly two dollar option to add effects to already existing that are free in better apps is almost hilarious. Not only does the app not work as well if you’re POC but I’ve gotta fork out money to edit a photo I took on a different app bc your app couldn’t provide for in the first place. Not to mention not this is the only app that overuses light leak effects without the option of turning them off. I understand a small team built this app but their focus clearly isn’t improving it, if it was why has it been a year since you’ve fixed these issues or even updated the app at all? All I’m saying is there are better apps for free and cater to your tone if you’re not white.

  • upsetabi - 2020-02-08 09:54:50

    Love it but upset

    I LOVE this app and the photos it takes. However, I had to make room on my phone for an update so I went on the app, selected all my photos there, and clicked “save photos.” It said all my photos were saved so I proceeded to delete the app. Stupid me, I didn’t check if the photos were actually saved. Only nine photos were saved out of almost 35. I had photos from a sentimental disney trip that I’ll never be able to get back now.

  • Amelia Layba - 2020-01-17 11:52:51

    This app is amazing!!

    The look this app adds to photos is authentic and look genuinely like they would if it were taken with a disposable camera. I use it for all of my photos, including concerts and with the upgraded version I even love to use it with photos I take with a professional camera. 10000% recommend. The best disposable camera app on the market.


yeah, we know. there are a ton of apps like ours… but we’re different. promise. everyone missed disposable cameras, so we brought that experience to your iphone, with one twist: the look and feel of film, with a modern edge.

it’s super easy, too! just open the app, snap a photo, and BAM. there’s your “i didn’t have to take 23 other pictures and wait 3 weeks to get them all developed and scan them just to post on instagram” photo. premium users have quite an advantage, though… they can upload any photo from their camera roll, and so much more. basically if you love editing photos of harry styles for your theme page or stan twitter account, you may want to consider premium. 

we now also offer another in app purchase that allows you to have your 1888 filtered photos printed and sent right to your doorstep, so say goodbye to waiting 3 weeks for CVS to call you back. 

if you have any questions, artistic input, complaints, want to see which photos we’re sharing, or simply need a stranger to talk to when you can’t sleep on a school night, follow us on instagram and twitter: @1888app