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Developer FIS
BundleID com.fis.ebt.consumerapp
Version 2.0.3
Size 1.2MB
Released September 5,2018
Updated June 21,2020
Score 2.1
Review Num 283
Support http://www.ebtedge.com/
Language English ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • GSlacker65 - 2020-04-08 03:27:22

    GARBAGE APP!!!! Don’t waste your time

    Absolute garbage app. Constant problems logging in. It locks you out with some sort of forced password change that they do... the expire your log in info without warning and force you to go through the whole setup process again. Happened to me 3 times. 3 strikes and you’re out. Not worth the frustration. Total garbage

  • iluvdachies - 2020-04-22 07:50:52

    Case # /SUPPORT

    I can’t register because I have no idea what my case number is & that’s just because there is nothing that explains ANYTHING. Case number is a required data input. I would send an email to support and ask them but.... How can I get ahold of support? What is supports email address? Where is supports FAQ’s?

  • Aceshigh0922 - 2020-04-10 21:54:43

    Takes Care Of Business

    Not sure why there’s a series of 1 star reviews. Downloaded the app. Registered my username/password. Added my card in. Now I can review my balance. Not sure what other functionality people are looking for but this takes care of business for me. Saves me an automated phone call.


ebtEDGE mobile application simplifies your life when you depend on SNAP or TANF benefits allowing you to view your benefits at the touch of a finger. ebtEDGE allows you to check your balances, review your transaction history. If you have both SNAP and TANF benefits you will have access to view both benefits at the same time. 
•	Free for cardholder use.
•	The most private and secure EBT application on the market.
•	If your phone supports Apple Touch ID, running iOS 11+ and you’ve registered your finger prints to your phone, simply touch the finger sensor on your IOS device, and quickly access the balance of your accounts. 
•	If your phone supports Apple Face ID, running iOS 11+ and you’ve enrolled your face, quickly access the balance of your accounts by looking at your phone. 
•	Securely login with User ID and Password.
•	View your deposit history.
•	View your transaction history.
•	View your benefit schedule.
•	Select a PIN.
•	Need help? We have plenty of that in the Help Center.
•	Locate SNAP retailers near your location or where you are going to with the location services.
•	Set your language preferences to English, Spanish or Haitian Creole.
•	New features around the corner… stay tuned….
1.	Only certain devices are capable for either touch id or face id login.
2.	For State SNAP or TANF cardholders with eligible cards.

Free for your use in the following states:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.