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  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard
  • FlickType Keyboard


Developer Kpaw, LLC
BundleID com.kpaw.FlickType
Version 2000.3
Size 64.0MB
Released April 26,2018
Updated February 4,2020
Score 3.95385
Review Num 390
Support https://twitter.com/flicktype
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.2


  • LA linguist - 2020-03-23 08:10:14

    Won’t let me write my name

    This app has a great concept and it’ll be wonderful when they get the bugs out. But it’s not useful to me right now because it’s very inaccurate. My name is Jonny, but it repeatedly spells out Jimmy, no matter how I try to adjust where I’m typing. I finally managed to type out “Jo” but when I tried to add the “n” it changed the “Jo” and spelled “kin.” Trying to type other words gives the same sort of problems, so it’s unfortunately not at all functional for me. Worked perfectly on the video review I watched, but not for me. I look forward to the update, and will revise my review if it starts working for me.

  • sufuri - 2020-03-24 00:18:43

    Great keyboard, but not useful yet.

    I was amazed at how well the typing works and how easy it was to correct and edit words. As a keyboard, this app is the best for Apple Watch. As a useful tool, however, this app still needs some work. Replying to a message shouldn’t require opening the keyboard separately, it should be integrated into messages. There biggest problem I see though, is that you can only reply to individuals—there’s no functionality to send or reply to group messages which makes this app useless for me. If those two things were fixed, I’d rate this app 5 stars easily.

  • Doc Bety - 2020-03-26 10:55:01

    Almost good

    The idea of this app is great as many have stated: HOWEVER, the predictive text/auto-correct makes it very hard to use. The punctuation and Capitalization options don’t work as demonstrated in the videos and if you want to type in a name other than John and Jane you’re going to get frustrated really fast. I wish I could just type the letters i want to type without them automatically changing to what the app thinks I want to say.

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"A must-have for any Apple Watch owner."


FlickType is the practical QWERTY keyboard for Apple Watch, as well as a fully accessible iPhone keyboard for visually impaired users.

FlickType's universal design makes typing easy, fast, and comfortable — even on your Apple Watch!

When typing, don't slow down and try to be accurate. Simply tap where it feels right and FlickType's unique algorithm will find the correct word from the pattern of your taps. Say goodbye to painfully slow editing operations — delete and change entire words with a single flick of your finger on iPhone. On the Apple Watch keyboard, use the Digital Crown to change words or even move the cursor.

The FlickType keyboard is designed to be as accessible as possible on both iPhone and Apple Watch, featuring large keys, highly readable visual announcements, high-contrast color themes, and much more.

FlickType users type a whole three to four times faster compared to the standard keyboard, VoiceOver typing, or even dictation after edits. And utilizing the standard QWERTY layout means you don’t have to learn a new way to type. Emoji, text shortcuts, and deep customization options make typing fluid and fun, just as it should be — even on your Apple Watch!

FlickType can speak back to you when you type or edit, enabling a completely eyes-free writing experience. People who are blind write millions of words every month using it, typing just as fast as everyone else. Voice feedback on the Apple Watch keyboard is currently limited to VoiceOver users only.

If you like our Apple Watch keyboard, look for more watch apps with FlickType Keyboard on the App Store!

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NOTE: Currently only English is supported.