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BundleID com.lorex.consumer.cloud
Version 1.4.2
Size 119.9MB
Released November 15,2018
Updated August 8,2019
Score 1.5
Review Num 1666
Support https://www.lorextechnology.com/support/
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • L.J001 - 2019-12-10 03:14:50

    Lag, network drop, unusable app

    I have never written a review on a product but I have been so frustrated with the performance of this app that I can’t wait any longer in hopes of an improvement. The connection speed is terrible, playback is almost impossible due to the long lead time. I personally have fiber in my home and business which is the only reason I can see my cameras, once I step into the outside world and actually want to see what is going on in my house (the reason I got cameras in the first place) there is little to no chance for a stable network connection. The previous app which we were forced to abandon was by no means a great app however it was more reliable than this one. Personally I would pay a small monthly service as I do with Ring in order to see my cameras effectively.

  • PedjaUSA - 2019-12-13 13:24:19

    Loading, loading, and loading when you need it the most

    The whole package is like a lipstick on a pig; the technology from 90s, with a makeup of 2020. The app is almost useless, it needs an excellent network just to connection and that takes a whole minute. Switching between the cameras creates lag and more loading. On the other hand the receiver makes a loud fan noise so it is not suitable for the bedroom. Menu, setup... everything is technology from 90s. Just marketing is up to date: they hooked me up. I really do regret setting up on this system.

  • esparzatj - 2019-12-13 03:26:45

    I was going to rate a 1-star, but found solution!

    This app works & responds will good results as long as you are on the local WiFi network, but away from home was another story. It would take several minutes before finally showing the camera video feed from my 8-camera. I have an iPhone SE with T-Mobile service and I found other users were successful by using VPN. I’m using Windscribe which has a free account with 10GB of data. You can get an extra 5GB if you submit a Tweet their product.


With Lorex Cloud, you can:
•	Enjoy easy setup and control of your system
•	View live video from multiple cameras remotely
•	Playback recorded video to review events
•	Record videos or take snapshots directly from your iOS device
•	Configure system settings and push notifications
•	Enjoy professional-grade features

Compatible with select Lorex Security Systems and HD Active Deterrence solutions.