Tennis Clash: Online League

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League
  • Tennis Clash: Online League


Developer Wildlife Studios
BundleID com.fungames.tennisclash
Version 1.22.3
Size 234.7MB
Released October 23,2019
Updated March 27,2020
Score 4.766
Review Num 134000
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • pomeals - 2020-03-28 14:10:08

    Worst Scaling Ever

    This game has an interesting concept and I’m sure with some work it might be playable. That being said, as a newer player to this game you might be able to win your first few matches, but after that unless you put money into gems or packs the game goes quickly downhill. It evolves into a game not based on skill, but gear and luck. You will be matched up with players with higher gear stats than you consistently and then the only way you will win is if they happen to make an error. If their agility is high enough they will be able to get to almost any ball (the ball will stop in midair so they can run across the entire court) and if they have a high volley or serve you will not be able to beat them. This is because the lob in this game is slow and weak. I was looking forward to the game initially because it has a fun concept, but I will most likely be uninstalling due to frustration over scaling and it not being a skill based game.

  • Babolat96 - 2020-03-28 11:30:39

    Hang time is ridiculous

    This game has a ridiculous amount of hang time. I have no idea if it’s the way the server runs. I am an experienced player, just finished playing college tennis. Truth is, I have never seen a sports game pause so much before someone hits the ball. That never happens in real tennis, so why should it happen here. I have seen golf balls go through the air faster than when my opponent decides he/she wants to hit the ball. There is literally a 3-4 second hang time from when the ball gets near the other player til when they actually hit the ball, and it just doesn’t make any sense. This game could be really good, just get rid of all that animation hang time. This allows players to have to react to the ball that has been hit, not the hang time pause in between shots. Making it a more realistic experience. Because this isn’t realistic at all.

  • Mike3c465 - 2020-03-28 10:17:17

    Defeating & Frustrating

    I’ve put time and money into this game because the play and strategy is fun. But being matched against a volleyer is ruining it completely. PLEASE match volleyers only with other volleyers. Let them duke it out with each if that’s how they want to play. The game is too accommodating to volleyers by pausing the ball way too long rather than letting a good passing shot go by them. If someone has a volley rating over 20 or so, match them with another volley player only. People are using it to rack up wins rather than as an actual preference of play.


Are you a sports fan? Perhaps a tennis aficionado? Then you've found the definitive tennis experience on mobile you've been looking for!

Tennis Clash is a fast paced tennis game that fits all ages! 

Controls are really simple and intuitive, you only need to swipe in order to play, leaving you able to even play it with only one hand if you want to.

But don't mistake it for being only a casual game! High tier gameplay can get really complex and becoming the best will require a lot of practice in order to master the game.

Tennis Clash Features:
- Play with your friends in fun real-time matches
- Amazing next-gen graphics
- Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master
- Enter real-time tournaments to challenge your skill against the best!
- Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players
- Assemble the best available team: choose the best coach and fitness trainer for your squad!
- Unlock new arenas: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and much more!

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