Call of War: Multiplayer RTS

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  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS
  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS
  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS
  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS
  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS
  • Call of War: Multiplayer RTS


Developer Bytro Labs GmbH
BundleID com.bytro.callofwar1942
Version 0.58
Size 20.3MB
Released March 19,2018
Updated October 7,2020
Score 4.66845
Review Num 6343
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 11.0


  • beaniemiller - 2020-10-23 03:01:35

    The help team is absolutely horrible

    I got banned from a global chat on my phone for singing country roads with other people in a chat room..We were all having fun until somebody banned me from the chat room for talking in all caps, ...I wasn’t talking I was singing and having fun with a video game that takes 24 hours to move a character so chat rooms are what makes it fun at times, everyone in the chat room was even asking why I was banned...I then had to ask the help team a question about the game so I went to the help chat only to realize that when I got banned for doing what everyone else was doing I was banned from asking for I realized I had the app on my steam account..I had a different account that I never used so I went to the help chat and asked why I was banned from asking for help on my other account and then immediately banned me from all chat rooms permanently because having two accounts is against the terms of service...I understand that because I hit agree, but what makes me angry is the fact that they never even answered my question, and not only that, I can still play on both accounts, they just banned me from talking to anybody on a chat room, so it’s s fun game yeah but just watch what you say in any chat room and make sure u don’t do what others are doing because u can and will get banned for dumb reasons

  • thatguy277 - 2020-10-26 09:47:56

    Super pay to win

    Let me just start this of by saying that it’s a very fun game, but its definitely not perfect, heres why. The main reason is because of how pay to win it is, having to join the security council to be able to do many of the features is a huge holdback for casual players like me, without security council you can’t build two things in one city at the same time or use fire control with artillery along with other things I can’t remember for the review, along with the fact that in order to do anything quickly you need to spend large amounts of gold that is put in a way so that you need to spend a lot of time obtaining it by finishing rounds while you spend a lot of it very quickly whenever you want to make anything go faster or increase morale or do anything really, this way the only realistic way to earn gold that won’t immediately go down the drain is to buy it. On top of all that they are constantly pushing there packs with gigantic Buy Now buttons and tiny little ‘let my enemies have it’ buttons. So yeah really pay to win but still worth playing because as far as I know people don’t buy that much and as long as you join a coalition you should be fine. Cheers.

  • Jamie1000n1 - 2020-10-29 23:53:34

    Game constantly crashing and reloading

    At a certain point the game will crash and reload whenever I do anything related to research or diplomacy. It also randomly crashes every 5 to 10 minutes from normal map viewing. Please optimize this game better for iPads.


The 2nd World War: Tank clashes, Naval battles, Air combat. In Call of War you rewrite the course of history!

Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of World War 2. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy. Research top secret weapons of World War 2 and become the one true superpower! Intelligent alliances
or ruthless expansion, wonder weapons or mass assault? It is up to you which way you choose!

For fans of realistic grand-strategy titles Call of War offers a huge gameplay environment, many different functions and units to choose from. Jump into matches, battle it out over weeks and become the rank leader in this addictive WW2 game.

- Up to 100 real opponents per map
- Units move in real-time
- Many different maps and scenarios
- Historically accurate troops
- Huge Tech tree with over 120 different units
- Different terrain types
- Atomic bombs and secret weapons
- Regular updates with new content
- Growing alliances in a huge community

Join the race for the best strategy game, jump into WW2 and test yourself against real players in real time on historical maps!

Enjoy Call of War? Learn more about Call of War and share your experiences with us!

Call of War is free to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your  app.