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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 717 323
Income 190 285

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
Grossing·Overall 190 285
Grossing·Games 120 228
Grossing·Arcade 19 29
Grossing·Simulation 23 52
Free·Overall 704 323
Free·Games 264 222
Free·Arcade 119 110
Free·Simulation 53 47


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Developer Gigantic LTD
BundleID com.gigantic.clawee
Version 3.6.1
Size 195.1MB
Released June 7,2018
Updated September 18,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 36008
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0

Comment information

  • Mida614 - 2019-09-21 10:51:59


    I downloaded this game and at the beginning they gave free coins to play. The machines was full of stuff ( stuff animals ect...). I played the Clawee game and on the 2nd try I won. But to get it shipped you have to be VIP or pay for shipping. So I did the VIP. After I came VIP the machines wasn’t full of stuffed animals anymore. Allot of them that was stuffed animals was now boxes. Which are very difficult to pick up. And if you look at the background of the different machines allot have the same background and boxes are in the same places. If you’re wanting to play a claw game don’t do it with clawee. You better off going and playing it in person

  • Jrlt3 - 2019-09-21 07:17:24


    Got this for my 7 year old that does well at live claw games. First try she won, sucker draw you in move!!! So I paid to get her coins but claw won’t move well! It only goes as far as the plastic at start so will never win when it comes down at start! Done with it!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🦄🦄 I do use PayPal to pay so think I will file s dispute to recover money. What a joke!!!!

  • LPO_23 - 2019-09-21 09:32:49


    So i just won my first prize first try, and this game is really fun and entertaining. I do have a few questions though. If i but the VIP do i keep paying for it or do i buy it once and I don’t have to pay again. If VIP is a one time payment do i have to keep paying for shipment or is that free forever.

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