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Developer LateNiteSoft S.L.
BundleID com.latenitesoft.CameraPlus2
Version 3.6.2
Size 114.7MB
Released May 29,2018
Updated January 9,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 1198
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0

Comment information

  • Toothpick013 - 2020-01-11 10:17:25

    C+ Legacy User

    After using the legacy app for more than a year now I was anxious to give C+2 a try only to be supremely let down. The “normal” setting works well enough, as do other photo-taking options, but switch to portrait mode and all hell breaks loose. My phone slows down, the Image lags seconds behind my movements, the “buttons” become unusable and ultimately the app freezes & forces me to reset my device manually. I have an I have an iPhone XS, far be it from ancient.

  • MemphisTigers77 - 2020-01-15 23:27:20

    My go-to camera app

    Absolutely awesome camera and editing app that allows you to get rid of all the other pic apps and use Camera 2 for everything pic and camera related. Been using the app for several years now and it gets constant updates and the developers truly listen to what users want and need for new features. A+ all the way! By the way, I rarely review apps however this one has definitely earned the 5 star review.

  • Cr8ker - 2020-01-10 12:03:29

    Not worth the price!!

    If you used the original Camera + this is not worth the price. I feel like I paid for the same app - the filters and 90% of the features are exactly the same. They were great before, but the filters are now out dated and look like apps from 3 years ago. I don’t get it at all.


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ 2 will make you love taking photos.

Camera+ 2 is the best and most powerful camera app available. We love taking photos too, and we've made it our mission to incorporate all the advances in photo technology that are being introduced year after year. Your iPhone is a great camera, and Camera+ 2 is the tool it deserves.

Here's why.

Capture Presets
Camera+ 2 adapts to your style and technical savvy. If you like the system camera, select the Auto preset to use a simple, clear interface that will let you concentrate on your shot. Camera+ 2 provides all the essential framing and exposure tools, and will select the best parameters for you.

As your skills progress, or if you are already familiar with DSLRs, you'll feel at home in Manual mode. You'll be able to select the best lens, shutter time, ISO or white balance for your capture.

Other presets are available for purpose-specific captures, providing sensible settings for the task at hand. Slow Shutter allows you to take long exposures, even in daylight. Macro is optimized to work on close subjects, and Action tracks the object you select and automatically enables Burst so you don't miss the shot.

Total Control
If your iPhone has multiple lenses, the Auto preset will use the best one(s) for your scene -just like the standard camera does-, and will produce Deep Fusion pictures if it needs to. In Manual mode you are the boss: Camera+ 2 will always honor all the controls you choose. If you want to use the Tele lens, Camera+ 2 will not engage the digital zoom even if the Wide could gather more light. No more surprises after the fact.

RAW mode provides maximum flexibility for editing, by saving the exact image captured by the sensor at its full precision. Use our built-in RAW Editor to develop your images, or send them to your computer and keep using the tools you are already familiar with.

Shooting Assist Tools
Use Smile mode to shoot when people are smiling, or Stabilizer to ensure your iPhone is steady enough to produce a sharp picture. Burst and Timer can also be enabled any time you need them.

Focus Peaking highlights the parts of the image that are in focus, which is invaluable if you are focusing manually. Zebra Stripes detect those parts of your composition that are over- or underexposed.

Depth Capture
Depth Capture, which is optimized for person subjects, is available in iPhones with dual or triple cameras, and in the iPhone XR. Depth information is saved alongside the image, and the adjustments in The Lab can be selectively applied to distant or close subjects.

Photos taken with Camera+ 2 go to the Lightbox by default. Filter them easily to focus on the ones you want to work on, and use the built-in editors to create the exact look you are aiming for. Save or share the final versions when you are done.

Burst sessions are automatically grouped together. You can quickly cull the best photos in a burst. If you are so inclined, you can even create an animated GIF from a burst.

Photo Editors
All photo editors are available from the Lightbox. The RAW Editor includes tools such as Curves or a White Balance picker. The Lab contains many photographic tools that allow you to fine-tune the exposure, boost the shadows or sharpen your photo, among many others. Dozens of built-in filters help you get that final look.

Photo Library Integration
The editors can also be used on the photos in your Photo Library. Switch between your library and the Lightbox by simply tapping a button, or use drag and drop gestures in the iPad. Files and iTunes integration are also available to easily transfer pictures to your computer or other apps.

Everything Included
Camera+ 2 works great in iPhone and iPad. Use the same tools consistently across all your devices, and take advantage of multitasking in iPad. All features are included in your purchase for all platforms - no in-app purchases required.