Bricks Breaker Quest

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 1225 1047
Income 1039 1673

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Bricks Breaker Quest
  • Bricks Breaker Quest
  • Bricks Breaker Quest
  • Bricks Breaker Quest
  • Bricks Breaker Quest


Developer MOBIRIX
BundleID com.mobirix.swipebrick2
Version 1.4.5
Size 75.2MB
Released October 30,2017
Updated February 6,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 11505
Language English ,French ,German ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • Pooky254 - 2020-02-19 08:15:26

    Great except for two (now one) major issues

    I enjoy this style of game, and this one seems to be one of my favorites. I’m up to level 312. However, there are two very annoying issues about this app. I am not including anything about ads on this, as there have been ample mention of the fact there are too many of them. I am not bothered by the banner ads at the top. I even tapped on a couple. The ones in between every level are ridiculous though. Now to my two issues. The first is the placement of the lightening and undo buttons at the bottom. They are too easily tapped just by trying to aim the ball and moving my finger a little past the game board. These NEED to be moved to the top. The other is the fact that this app disables background audio. I sometimes play this in a five minute downtime or while listening to a podcast, but I can’t have the audio coming through the same device. Come on Mobirix, that is so 2009. Background apps (i.e. audio players) have been available in iOS for a LONG time. This needs to be fixed. I’ve often diverted me attention to a different game for this reason. Sorry, but I deducted two stars for this, as there is no longer justification for it. ———————————— UPDATE 08/05/19 I am updating my review. It seems the most recent update about one week ago FINALLY took care of the issue. The review notes simply said bug fixed and performance improvements, but I opened the app with a streaming play playing in the background and the music kept playing!!! Mobirix, you should mention this in your updates, as I’m sure there would be plenty of people happy to see this news. Thank you for fixing this -gave another star! ———————————- UPDATE 12/11/19 The most recent update in mid November is causing some sort of spike in resource use. The game plays as normal, but my iPhone 8 gets HOT after about 10 minutes of game play. Hopefully they will fix this soon as the added heat is also a battery drain! ———————————- UPDATE 02/18/20 I received a response to my last review, and I have even emailed support. Unfortunately, after 2-3 updates, the problem remains and I can’t play this game due to the heat it generates in my phone. I wish they would fix the resource use because I miss playing the game. I am leaving the app on my phone because I’m around level 470. I would love if Mobirix would add a sync feature (hint hint) so I could move it to my iPad or remove the app and put it back if the issue ever gets fixed. Just please don’t rely on Facebook to do it - not everyone uses Facebook!!

  • Jondolar the ghost - 2020-02-22 21:21:00


    Great game. I made it to level 189. At that point it becomes more frustrating than fun. I’m assuming you have to start paying for power ups and such to continue. No thanks. I’m good with a challenge but it’s obvious they want you to purchase in app items to continue. I’ve played a lot of games where this is the case and this is always the point where I find another game.

  • Danimal71743 - 2020-02-26 12:46:09

    Stupid Apple Arcade Ads ruined it

    I was loving this game, and didn’t even mind the ads. Then came the Sneaky Sasquatch ad for Apple Arcade. 30 second ad and it plays almost every single time. Without that particular ad, this game is a 4 or 5. It almost dropped it to a 1 it’s so annoying. Scale it back!

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Relax your mind! The best killing time game ever!


How to play
- The ball flies to wherever you touched.
- Clear the stages by removing bricks on the board.
- Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.
- Find best positions and angles to hit every brick.

- Free to play
- Tons of stages
- Various types of balls
- Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay.
- Off-line (without internet connection) gameplay supported 
- Multi-play supported
- Tablet device supported
- Achievement & leaderboard supported


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