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Developer Wyze Labs
BundleID com.hualai.WyzeCam
Version 2.11.41
Size 235.1MB
Released October 14,2017
Updated June 10,2020
Score 3.4
Review Num 2604
Support https://support.wyzecam.com
Language English ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • why is dad writing this review - 2020-07-06 01:24:05

    Not being a Karen, this is just pathetic

    So I write in about an issue with the app, not a major issue, but a deal breaker for me. When viewing on the iPhone or maybe any phone for the matter, the audio comes in through the ear speaker instead of the bottom speaker used for FaceTime or audio/video. I was pretty clear the first time. I was told by SHEILA that I should make sure that everything was up to date etc. Well I’m not an idiot fortunately and I let her know that it was the UI and explained in more detail a second time. She then responds by telling me the camera is defective... what planet are you from? I guess she doesn’t know what UI means, let me spell everything out for her. I did that and then told her that if she didn’t understand that’s fine, I don’t expect anyone to know everything, just like I don’t know everything myself, but when something can be fixed pretty easily and you don’t know how to help, do you mind passing it off to someone else... to which I get a unmonitored email address. What gives Wyze. Your product is pretty solid for the price point. I’m not asking for much and it works perfectly with my iPad considering there’s only one speaker option. But when touching this up all you have to do is change the audio output location! It’s not hard, my friend who works in IT told me that it’s pretty simple and he doesn’t even program apps... so 1 star from me. Very pathetic on your end, cookie cutter customer service is a joke which makes your product a joke and your company a joke. I have no issue spending $500 for arlo products.

  • Fourupnorth - 2020-07-04 17:55:04

    Slowly worked up to the greed.

    Got you hooked. Now it’s gonna cost you. After an eternity of selling me cameras that I don’t really need... Them also making products nobody asked for or wanted....... You Finally do what people have been asking for since day 1. Then I can’t even buy it. Thanks for dragging your feet. Thanks for more waiting. Best of all. Thanks for the huge price. I could have bought that home system with DVR’s and came out Waaaaaaay further ahead. 4) No issues at all now. Inexpensive and Reliable unit. I tell people about these all the time. I just ordered Version 2. THANK YOU!!! 3) seems to be working well now. Reliability has increased. 2) If you don't have the correct type of router it Doesn't work at all. So, be prepared to go by a different or an older router. 1) Worked at first (after buying a different router) Then I updated the app and its all messed up. Alerts not working, won't let me turn on motion alert, alerts all turn off after closing app, device quits all together. Oh look, I just got an alert, but it says alerts are off. But, not the alert when I sat and waved my hand in front of it.

  • Jrizzo16 - 2020-07-06 08:39:47

    So far I'm loving this to watch my cats

    So far this is doing what I need it to do I can check in anytime when I'm away I can hear and see day and night what's going on and any sounds I should be alarmed to it helps me to no there ok when I'm out for a extended period of time and I can here if anything else happens alarm falsely goes off because of some dust debris I would never want my cat to have to listen to that piercing sound for hours on end I'd rather know then leave wherever I am to get there that gives me peace of mind so far I can't complain I haven't done notifications I prefer checking in on the app that makes me just feel better this way I hear and see that everything's OK thank you Wyze


The Wyze app is the home for all your Wyze devices. Use your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan to live stream 1080p full HD video day or night, listen and talk through the built-in speaker and microphone, be notified when motion or sound is detected, capture videos directly to your phone, or add a microSD card to continuously record and capture time-lapses. Check out Event Videos, 12-second clips triggered by motion or sound, on the Events page. These videos are securely stored in the cloud for 14-days with no extra charge. You can also discover featured videos captured by the Wyze community or shop for Wyze products directly within the app. Use your Wyze scale to measure weight, BMI, body fat, lean body mass, heart rate, and sync these data to popular fitness apps like apple health only if the user requests /authorize. 

Use Wyze to:
- View 1080p full HD live stream from anywhere in the world
- Record videos on SD card and view later
- Hear and talk through 2-Way Audio
- Get notified when motion or sound is detected 
- Review Event Videos with 14 day free rolling cloud storage 
- See in the dark with Night Vision
- Capture time lapses with an SD card
- Get custom notifications when Smoke or CO alarms are detected 
- Shop Wyze products
- Discover videos captured by the Wyze community
- Turn on or off device notifications 
- Set advanced schedules to only record the moments that matter
- Share devices with friends and family
- Customize detection zones and sensitivity
- Measure weight, BMI, body fat, lean body mass, heart rate, and sync the data to apple health only if the user requests/authorize.