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  • Messenger Kids
  • Messenger Kids
  • Messenger Kids
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  • Messenger Kids


Developer Facebook, Inc.
Version 115.0
Size 195.7MB
Released December 4,2017
Updated March 20,2020
Score 4.38056
Review Num 13614
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Zulu
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • grumpycat 12345 - 2020-03-28 08:53:29

    This app is great!

    I love this app and I agree that it is good to be able to contact your friends during corona virus. I don’t agree that they should get rid of the drawing thing though because I think it is hilarious listening to their guesses what it is! One thing I hate about this app is that people with regular Messenger can’t send you gifs and they can’t send you links from Google to send you cute pictures. It is so irritating to have problems sending gifs and links to get to pictures. Thank you for reading this and I hope you found this review helpful!

  • ROBLOXFan3 - 2020-03-28 12:02:40

    Instagram kids and Facebook kids please. And one problem.

    I would like an Instagram and Facebook kids. But before that I think you might need to fix that THEIR IS A LIMIT FOR YOU TO BE ON MESSENGER KIDS!!! It’s terrible. My mom won’t do it. My dad for some reason has a Messenger Kids account so he can’t do it! And my friend (the one who told me about this) didn’t tell me that your app could go to sleep. I mean come on the app goes to sleep and I usually never get to be on this cause of school, the virus that’s going on right now and I ALWAYS HAVE SO. MUCH. HOMEWORK!

  • Ajtritt - 2020-03-28 09:21:43

    Notifications flaw

    It’s great that when you download the app on your own phone it mirrors the conversations so that I can monitor her as she begins a social media world, but now I’m getting interrupted every time she gets a video call. Wish I could turn those off on my phone, but even with all notifications off, the calls still come through and interrupt whatever I have going on.


Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.
Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. 

Parent Dashboard:
Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages  on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts,  parents are notified.

Fun Filters:
Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better. 

Worry Free:
Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and  there are no in app-purchases or ads.

Creative Convos:
Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves.

Easy Start:
No phone number required.

We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit