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Developer RED BUTTON
BundleID com.rbuttongames.battlemechs
Version 2.7.0
Size 457.5MB
Released January 10,2018
Updated September 4,2020
Score 4.4
Review Num 886
Support https://battleoftitans.com
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • pilotlerner746 - 2020-06-12 04:08:01


    The game is great. I love the upgrade system and how you can earn almost everything. The only thing I would do and the only thing I request is that you can buy all of the Titans with in game currency. And then have an option to buy any Titan for instant access. Also, if you(the developers) could add more Titans more frequently that would be great. I understand that the bots that you have to pay for are so you get your money but adding more expensive bots that cost something like 20 million would have some people pay for it instead. Final thing, I would love for this game to go to console someday, the graphics and animations are amazing. Thank you for making a game that I love.

  • DMCD3 - 2020-06-04 21:44:08

    Want to love it

    Very good looking game it’s realistic mechs, weapons, and game play. My issues are with match making and over powered tech. Both are showing signs that I witnessed in the early days of war robots. Match making is less likely to design a match of equally equipped players. It seems to be feast or famine i.e., dominate or get dominated. Game play seems contrived at times. The spiders with homing missiles seem to be like the gepards with spirals in the early days of war robots. The harbinger of an OP, pay to win, disrupt the economy to produce revenue game. This game seems fairly balanced except for this. Hope it can improve and persevere...Time will tell.

  • Azren90 - 2020-06-09 07:56:43

    5 stars

    This game is great even in the development it’s in now, this game has so much potential. New map or two would be great, and maybe a bot or two along with a couple weapons. Not trying to ask for a lot but having more selection is key in these games. Love this game though, great job devs!


A multiplayer third-person shooter starring mechanical titans created by professional developers. True console gaming is now available on your mobile device! Obliterate your enemy with superior tactics and firepower at the touch of your fingertips!

“We now have a perfect mobile shooter where your proficiency in battle depends on skill and tactics.” - LiveCraft

Red Button's team are GameDev veterans and are proud to bring you their latest masterpiece.
Key features:
— Light, Medium, and Heavy titans of different kinds. You can find here anything from reworks of traditional bipedal robots up to next-gen “mech-arachnids” that are able to climb any terrain;
— Distinctive team roles: support/artillery, tank, assault, and scout. Choose what you prefer the most;
— Rocket launchers, machine guns, and railguns. Assault the enemy with everything from heavy submachine guns up to an orbital strike made by the interplanetary dropship;
— Customizable experience. Swap out more than just your weapons - you can modify everything from armor plating to chassis enhancements! Over 150 combinations of upgrades personalize your titan by affecting its speed, durability, and even the overall look of your walking deadly fortress;
— Tomorrow's world in today's physics. Unreal Engine 4 allows us to get the physics of our war machines just right, delivering a high-tech, realistic battle simulator; 
— Small gaming sessions 6-10 minutes long. It is a real adrenaline injection that's always in your pocket. You can play wherever and whenever you want: from your favorite comfy couch to a quick match while travelling.

Sounds like your kind of fun? It's free to play, so what are you waiting for? Join us on the battlefield, Pilot!

Best regards,
Red Button
Feedback? Suggestions? Need to report an issue? support@battletitans.io