Head Ball 2

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 1064 610
Income 982 1282

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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BundleID com.masomo.headball2
Version 1.114
Size 160.9MB
Released April 22,2018
Updated January 30,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 84419
Support https://support.masomo.com
Language Arabic ,Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • Dzabua123 - 2020-02-14 20:22:08

    Perfectly balanced game

    Things that work in one moment don’t work the next. When your connection is just a little slow balls go through your player or it starts to move on its own. Because of that even if you play a perfect game you can still lose a couple of crucial points and lose the match. Connection problems can disconnect you from your match and you can still lose a match where you had the advantage. Too many bots in the game. Even if you play a perfect game you have absolutely no chance against paying players. Game can match you with players whose stats are way higher than yours, and there is no chance of winning there, or you can get matched up with much lover stats players in which case they leave immediately. Most players rely too much on super powers because game doesn’t encourage you to be skillful, it encourages you to exhaust all your superpowers in every match in order to even have a chance at victory, and so you would be forced to buy more in the shop. Game doesn’t reward skill, because even a bot with more super powers will eventually overwhelm you. That is why there are so many toxic trolls who rely only on super powers and leave the match if they are not winning when they use them all. Right now every match turns into you being bombarded by opponent’s powers. First half of the match is always figuring out your opponent’s game, and if you don’t have any powers you have very small chance of winning. There should be an option where you can choose to play other players in standard match without super powers. And maybe a choice to sell super powers you rarely use for small amount of diamonds or coins (similar to how you can sell cards from your inventory). Character upgrades are ridiculously expensive and saving up money and collecting cards tames a hell of lot time. Also, game requires to be played every day for like 6-8 hours to get some decent event prizes and to advance to first 10 in your league. That is why every now and then you will encounter opponents who are psychotic trolls and take this game way too seriously. Career milestones take ages to unlock. Game constantly converts your expectations, current buggy mechanics makes it sometimes infuriating and overall very difficult to play. I don’t recommend spending money on an app whose mechanic is still very buggy and gameplay is very unbalanced.

  • Bpopp12 - 2020-02-15 09:45:53

    So close!

    You guys really have something special here, it is a really fun game. But, you have to get rid of all the ads. It’s too much and is turning me away. You have a great chance of making the long run with this one, please don’t go the way of so many games that are only about the quick buck Nd let ads ruin the game. Please!!! Thank you for fixing the ads, now my issue is with server malfunction. Idk what you can do about it, but I’m sick of not being able to see the ball/having it go in a weird direction. Because servers don’t align. You guys are so close to a super fun game, just clean it up a bit so people can actually enjoy it.

  • HB2isbutt - 2020-02-16 07:33:46

    this game is bad

    this game is sooo sh*t it’s not even funny. it’s basically an EA game on how much micro transactions they want you to do. i’m from america and i always get paired up with some kid with mcdonald’s wifi from brazil. fix ur game guys it’s actual dog sh*t


Join millions of players in one of the most competitive soccer games ever created.

Compete against other players in your league and play to claim your place at the top of the ladder. 

Experience the thrill of the online matches in Head Ball 2 with the voice of the legendary commentator John Motson!

Upgrade Your Character to Become a Champion!

Stand out from the crowd by choosing from hundreds of accessories to fınd your unique combination. Improve your characters’ skills to dominate the field. Progress to unlock new characters and cosmetic rewards and upgrade your favorite characters. 

Spice Things Up With Different Super Powers!

Unlock 18 different superpowers and use them at the right moment to catch your opponent off guard. Your opponents can counter you with superpowers as well!

Take Control of Your Soccer Career 

Progress through the unique career mode to unlock special bonuses, characters, and accessories. As you progress, rewards become increasingly difficult to obtain, do you have what it takes?
Gather Fans and Unlock New Stadiums

Increase your fanbase by gaining supporters after each win. Unlock new stadiums to fit your ever-growing supporters. Journey through 10 different stadiums as you walk towards glory!

Share the Fun!

Get social by connecting your Facebook account and play the most exciting soccer game with your friends, show them who is the best!


-Online soccer games against players all across the world.
-5 competitive leagues with 15 brackets to play through.
-Dynamic & exciting online gameplay with dashy graphics.
-Upgrade your character, equip them with cool accessories and empower them with special powers. 
-New characters, items, and events added constantly!
-Card packs to collect items and characters.
-Facebook connection to play and team up with friends.

Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of the match and compete against millions!


Head Ball 2 is free to download and play, however, there are some items in the game that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature.

Network connection is required to play.