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Developer Merkury Innovations LLC
BundleID com.merkuryinnovations.geeni
Version 1.6.4
Size 98.2MB
Released November 18,2016
Updated October 18,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 33207
Language Arabic ,Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Greek ,Hebrew ,Hungarian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • nan0ware - 2019-12-14 08:28:29

    Newest Merkury camera HW revision has problems

    I purchased additional mercury cameras recently and was surprised to find that it is a new hardware revision that enables small new features such as HD/SD toggle and other stuff. While I welcome the changes. The motion detection SERIOUSLY needs to be tuned. At the lowest setting, I am constantly getting motion alerts where in the old revision I wouldn’t. I have it set to low, and it’s driving me crazy. This is the CW007 cameras. Please tweak the motion on these. Other than that, the app is good New Features that i would love are : 1)I would like a mosaic view of all my cameras 2) and a Windows desktop application! Right now I have to use a android emulator to access my cameras, and at that, I can only see one at a time.

  • wessvie - 2019-12-14 11:40:23

    RESOLVED - Phone is not connected to WiFi

    I have in my home a WiFi camera that is working very well but the problem is, they updated the app and now I’m trying to add another camera that I just bought but I’m having a problem with the app because the app is sayin that “My phone is not connected to WiFi” and don’t recognized my WiFi. I’m connected in a WiFi with 2.4GHz like is requested. So I hope that them fix this as soon as possible.

  • R0999 - 2019-12-14 12:42:00

    Can’t use Alexa to turn off groups

    I have a vertical Asian style lamp with 3 bulbs. I added the bulbs as lamp top, lamp middle, lamp bottom. Then I grouped them as living room lamp. The group can not be used for Alexa. I should be able to say turn off living room lamp. Instead I have to say turn off lap top. Turn off lamp middle. Turn off lamp bottom. This is so stupid


Meet Geeni. Your wish is Geeni's command. 
Control all Geeni smart home and smart health devices in one easy app, from ANYWHERE in the world. Geeni is easy enough for anyone to use and combines the SIMPLICITY of an on/off switch with PREMIUM features such as: 
- Easy, powerful control of each device. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, schedule a smart switch, check in on your cameras, and track your weight, all from the same app!
- Group devices and control by room
- Smart Health products support tracking weight, BMI, Body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, visceral fat grade, and more, and track on the app or sync to Apple Health
- Set smart scenes for automated actions
- Schedule when devices turn on and off to allow more control and security
- Choose which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or your family can control thanks to account sharing
- Cloud based services so you can log in and control your home from any phone
- HealthKit functionality for our new Smart Scale: synchronize your health data with Apple Health!
- and more. 
Compatible with all Geeni-enabled smart devices. No complicated hub required; each Geeni device is smart enough to connect directly to your home wifi network.