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Developer Cobra Mobile Limited
BundleID com.cobra.cobihoops
Version 1.6.2
Size 9.6MB
Released November 24,2016
Updated September 26,2019
Score 2.5
Review Num 152
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Podsto - 2017-01-15 00:48:58

    Realistic physics hurt the game

    The ball physics are too cumbersome. If I have 30 seconds to get in as many shots as possible, then why am I being affected by the balls that fell out or hit the rim? I once had a ball hit the rim, bounce five times toward me, and land on my head. I had to waste precious seconds in order to avoid a potential ricochet, which always seems to happen if you don\'t get a swish.\n\nCobi Hoops is trying to be too realistic, but not where it counts. My character would obviously duck a ball flying toward my face. Also, where are these unlimited balls coming from exactly? Unlocking new characters and scenes is also too difficult.\n\nOverall, good idea for an iMessage game that can be improved by lightening up on the gameplay.

  • JRacca - 2017-02-20 20:55:54

    Good with the bad

    The concept is good, but the physics of the game really hurt the experience. If you miss or even make a shot and the ball bounces toward you, it will either knock you out if it hits your head (for 2-3 seconds even) or it will have a chance to throw your next shot off by hitting the ball after you release it.To be honest it gets really frustrating and it takes away from the fun of the game. Don\'t think I\'ll play this one until then. Overall very disappointed.

  • MSP_Gurlz - 2017-01-09 03:22:13

    To whoever doesn\'t get it 😒

    If you\'re pretty dumb vvv and you don\'t understand the difference between an app and an iMessage app, this is what you need to know many people rate it 1 star because they think it\'s a regular app, this is an iMessage app! Get it right people! If you don\'t know how to play it, search it up, but you go to iMessage and it\'s the 4th icon and once you see it click on it!!!!!


The #1 iMessage basketball game. How many baskets you can score in 30 seconds?

Challenge, play and have great fun with all your friends as you try to out score each other!

Unlock new players, locations and an amazing bonus challenge mode, or just try and play some trick-shots!

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