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Developer Giraffe Games Limited
BundleID com.giraffegames.ggpool
Version 4.91
Size 248.8MB
Released June 28,2017
Updated October 24,2019
Score 4.4
Review Num 868
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 7.0


  • nexoex1011 - 2020-03-18 02:46:59

    Not fit for iPhone X

    I would rate this game better if the app was actually fit for an iPhone X. The edges of the screen are awful and you can’t reach certain options because of that. Also, the chat option with other players should be either deleted completely or updated so that we can write our own messages. What bugs me the most though is the unfair algorithm you seem to have with who breaks first in online games mode. I go five, six new games being the first one to break and it’s annoying, you should be able to figure out a better algorithm for that. Other than that this is the most realistic snooker game on the market and it’s a real shame some of these things are too annoying for me to keep playing. Not to mention it’s a money grabbing app as well.

  • Joyride240 - 2020-04-10 21:56:15


    You guys better fix this quick. For the past 2 weeks there has been non stop connectivity problems. It’s funny though because the connecting message only pops up when I’m absolutely destroying someone from Thailand. Everything works great until I start running the table and have already won the game but just potting the rest of the balls for fun. I lost count on how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve lost because of this problem.

  • iCE 450 - 2020-04-02 22:13:49

    Great but badly programmed

    Fantastic Gane but in campaign it suddenly stops.. you can click on things but just no longer can you continue the match. Even worse, I won all the first side quest but somehow some of the rewards that I went to collect said "picked up", which wasn't the case. Just giving examples on the glitches.. otherwise it's a cool game.


Try out the most realistic Snooker game on Mobile! It's simple enough so anybody can play, but intricate enough that it will take you years to master!


We have created a simple and accurate touch control system that gets out of your way and makes you feel like you are almost standing in the game. Playing a snooker game on a mobile device should feel natural, and recreate a feeling that you are standing in the snooker arena. Try it out, it feels like being in the game!


Physics is the beating heart of any Snooker game or Pool game!  This is why we built a revolutionary Physics Engine with only one purpose: To make sure that it can deliver the Real Feeling of Billiards. We challenge you to test it out: spin, cue action, breaking the balls, shots off the cushions. It behaves just like the real thing! 

It takes serious simulation of even the most tiny details to reach this level of Physical accuracy, and we are especially proud to be able to bring the next level pool physics to your mobile phone! 


Practice your snooker game over a set of challenges that will refine your snooker skills to perfection!


Challenge other snooker players Head-To-Head in Online Snooker games!


Take your place in the weekly online snooker league competitions. Each online match takes you closer to the top place in the Snooker League!


Create a Snooker club with your Facebook friends, and challenge them for the title of Snooker champion on every challenge in the career! Bragging rights with some fantastic trick shots, and some high breaks in the process.


The feel of the room, the shininess of the polished balls, the fine wood of the snooker table, this is the atmosphere that a snooker star experiences. It's time to put on your polished shoes and a bow tie and become part of the Snooker action!

Download Snooker Stars now and have fun!