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  • Tooth Fairy CAMERA


Developer Soeren Lisager
BundleID dk.superfilm.toothfairycamera
Version 1.24
Size 175.7MB
Released January 22,2017
Updated December 2,2019
Score 3.9
Review Num 224
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • hana bannana🍌 - 2020-01-02 23:11:36

    Won’t Save

    My little brother lost his tooth yesterday and wanted to catch the tooth fairy on video. So I downloaded this app to make a video. When he fell asleep I went on it to make the video. I was very impressed when I saw the fairy move around the room. It looked very believable. When I stop the recording I went on camera to see it, but it wasn’t there. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to do this for him. I promised him he would see the tooth fairy. When he woke up he rushed to camera to find the video when there was none. I hope you read this review and try to fix this problem. Thank You!

  • Joyce29 - 2020-01-13 09:38:40

    Cute app...too expensive

    Downloaded this app despite the mixed reviews. I had no problems running the app and making a video....and it is pretty cute! However, $4.99 for a one time video purchase seems a bit high. You should consider adding a photo option (for 99 cents per photo), a video purchase of $2.99 per video and an unlimited app version that allows all photo and video for $8.99.

  • Rose_kitty123 - 2020-01-03 08:10:19

    Why paying

    Well I bought the app and I did the video. and I wanted to save it. But it’s needs you to pay. But the good thing is that, we did the video one time then we followed her and on the edge of the bed was money. Ok so just fix the paying to save the video thank you.


Tooth Fairy CAMERA catches a Tooth Fairy in your video recordings. She is shown in real-time, as you record. You can follow her with the camera, as she flies about in your home. Afterwards you can show the video to your kid. *Unlimited saving of videos is unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase.

After experiencing his own kids’ strong reactions to this evidence of Tooth Fairies, and stories about the Tooth Fairy, Søren Lisager decided to use his experience with 3D and special effects, to give other parents an extra tool to share these experiences with their kids.

“Many children are already familiar with the Tooth Fairy. She is a mythological character, tied to the development ritual of losing teeth, and growing new ones. The mythological creatures contribute, in a child’s universe, to develop children’s belief in what is good in life.” - Maria Dressler – Childrens psychologist.

Tooth Fairy CAMERA features:

	An animated fairy who can perform several actions:
	Looking for the kid’s room.
	She brings a coin.
	She gets startled and escapes.

	App can be locked with a password.

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