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Developer T-Mobile
BundleID com.tmobile.tuesdays
Version 6.0.2
Size 109.0MB
Released June 6,2016
Updated September 11,2020
Score 4.8
Review Num 260961
Support https://support.t-mobile.com/welcome.html
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 10.0


  • CreateNicknameReview - 2020-09-20 14:05:00

    Terrifying-Mobile. Avoid. Sold out.

    Used to be decent, they used to give away free things all the time like promotional items (scarves, cups, bags, umbrellas, etc.) but now it's just turned into unrealistic and scam vacation entries as a "sweepstakes" and "announce the winners" but you never see or hear anyone talk about it like every other corporate "raffle" of some sort. They used to give free meals at Taco Bell and Burger King, and now you have to pay to receive a coupon of some sort. The items themselves were of limited supply and people scooped them up first thing in the morning just to flip them locally and/or online. All that's left are 3rd party no-name streaming services "trials" that require credit cards and continuation of services if not there's a penalty fee to pay. Any coupon of external sources such as Adidas or the Overwatch League merch wouldn't always apply as accepted or existing and you would still have to pay full price since it would only last 48 hours at the latest, and by the time customer service (which is non-existant for the app) replies weeks later, it's already gone and they tell you there's nothing that can be done. They don't regenerate codes. Even when I picked up a physical item in person, I was given a lecture and harassed to buy $300 Bluetooth speakers they were selling at the time to guilt trip me into taking a free item from the store empty handed on their end. They train their associates to use manipulation tactics to the customers if you only come in for the advertised "free" item which in reality is a bait and switch. I had to listen to the details of the product for about 10 minutes until I finally said I wasn't interested and they still didn't let me go. I had to say I was in a hurry to leave, otherwise they practically barricaded the door until you gave in under pressure. I can imagine how many people with poor confrontational skills managed to deal with the situation, how embarrassing it must be to others to take home ridiculously overpriced mini portable speakers just because they were peer pressured and would be nearly treated like a criminal in shame otherwise. T-Mobile loves training their employees to shame and/or guilt trip their existing customers into buying more and more stuff. Every time I even stop by for phone issues, I'm always told multiple times in a session that I should buy their $30 glass screen protectors that come with a warranty of a "free" replacement year round if I pay another $15 a piece at that time for service fees. How is that free? You can get all these products on Amazon for 1/3rd the price or even less. Of course they inflate the prices to further scam people into buying overpriced junk no one wants. Back to the app, I would highly avoid wasting your time. It's buggy and crashes and is just a cash grab to either gambling suckers for the "sweepstakes" or for extreme couponers who spend compulsively into magazine subscriptions, Shell gas at 10¢ less a gallon (or so them claim), Burger King coupons with a minimum purchase attached, or sketch random no-name companies who require credit cards, addresses and other personal information to even know what their product/service is truly about. Don't forget the streaming services too. We already pay skyrocketed prices for their awful service, yet they still always find ways to steal of jip off their customers. They used the free items as a bait to lure people in and give this app amazing ratings, but sold out and is left with maybe a garbage movie ticket to somewhere I've never heard of. I've used this for 2 years now. I've just read the reviews after I made this entire review and am amazing how similiar it sounds to everyone elses. Their "4.8" stars are definitely paid and manipulated. This app will crash just as much as your frustration with these people. Just don't do it. You aren't being thanked: You're being f****d.

  • CVonMat - 2020-09-22 20:17:17

    T-Mobile Thanks

    It’s frustrating to have to download an app for every offer!! I switched from AT&T for many reasons, but they did have the customer appreciation app where it was “user friendly” and you didn’t have to constantly download a new app to receive something. I don’t want to download all of these apps for a sandwich here and a sandwich there!! That’s ridiculous. Like any other coupon code, the code in the T-Mobile app should be all that one has to give for the reward!!! Please make the app easier to use without downloading participating company app’s!!! Honestly that is the reason I don’t get the rewards, it isn’t worth the hassle of downloading an app, register as a user, copy the code over IT ISN’T WORTH IT TO ME to go through all of that for a free sandwich!!!!

  • gimpygoat498 - 2020-09-19 02:50:02


    Trash. Seriously this is just a mouthpiece for T-Mobiles propaganda machine. If you want a six month quibi trial with the modern convenience of getting billed later? This is the app for you! Want a free Burger King burger (fine print says you have to make a purchase) this is the app for you! If you want T-Mobile to track you so they can resell you as part of their ad machine this is the app for you! Remember folks this is the same T-Mobile that was selling your location data to sketchy third parties, but I’m sure they learned their lesson and that are part of the good guys now! Trash.


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