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Revenue 336 347

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  • FIFA Soccer
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Developer Electronic Arts
BundleID com.ea.ios.fifamobile
Version 13.1.06
Size 147.1MB
Released October 11,2016
Updated March 31,2020
Score 4.55598
Review Num 225528
Language Arabic ,Chinese ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean , ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Turkish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • destroyer210725 - 2020-04-07 07:18:05

    Had potential

    This app started off good in the beginning but then once you reach a certain point they are putting you up against 80 overall teams but you have a 75 so it is almost impossible to win. You can acquire new decent players but everything above an 80 is a ton of money. Or you can take a gamble on packs which are also over priced All of the special events are micro transaction based where they say like ohhh you can get this really good player it’s so easy and they give you 30 of there “special” coins when the good player cost 900 and the only way to actually get more is so complex and takes so long. But wait there is one more way just buy it! So it’s basically just another game that could have been good but just ended up having a ton of micro transactions. And one more thing is to hard to add a mode that is online and one player plays another in a full game?

  • TrapToxik - 2020-04-07 14:24:09


    Players have no sense of direction. If you try to pass it passes to the opposite team. OH and if you think of playing through ball be careful of your players playing a backwards through ball, or even better they might just stop the run completely. And then to top all of that your players just act stupid if your on defense. Some examples are running into opponents, running away from the ball, ignorning actions. BUT the greatest part of this game is the power mechanic, Oh boy is that mechanic so good. You can press full power and your player makes a pass for 2 feet.

  • ir8badapps - 2020-04-07 04:52:29

    Don't get it

    I hate this game with a passion, it's pretty much pay to win, if you don't have money, don't buy this game it will find a way to cheat you off, I hate how no matter how hard you try to win, even if the other person is 3 points better than you they will still win, or if the person has way better players on versus attack they will win no matter what, please don't get this game.


Play head-to-head with friends, build your Ultimate Team, join a league or turn real world soccer action into in-game rewards with adidas GMR! Build your Ultimate Team™, train any player to be a superstar, and then join in a League or play through more than 650 events in the all-new World Tour event. Participate in UEFA Champions League competitions to earn rewards or climb the leaderboards in weekly and monthly soccer events, including El Clásico and other top derbies. Whether it’s battling it out versus your friends or taking on the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid, the world’s game has been taken to a whole new level. Follow us on Twitter @eafifamobile to stay up-to-date and get involved in the conversation.

For the first time in FIFA Mobile, you can challenge your friends in real-time 11v11 gameplay. Create your in-game friends list and keep track of your Head to Head record for ongoing bragging rights. The pitch is about to get personal. 

Start building your Ultimate Team using any player from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, and more, then train any player to be a superstar. Form your squad by using soccer players from the same nation, league, or team to increase their Chemistry and take your Starting 11 to the top of the leaderboards.

Play head-to-head in VS Attack or full 11v11 matches to earn valuable tiered rewards based on weekly and monthly performance. Win, climb the divisions, and earn more rewards as you get to the top of the leaderboards. Qualify for VS Attack tournaments for your shot at Tournament Milestone and Top 100 rewards.

Challenge opponents in the world’s biggest club competitions – the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Take part in playable Live Events that correspond with the real-world tournaments as they progress through the season to earn special UCL and UEL Players.

Pass, sprint, shoot – it all counts in EA SPORTS™ FIFA Mobile when you play connected. We’ve collaborated with adidas  and Jacquard(tm) by Google to create GMR, a game-changing insole with a smart tracking tag. Slip it into any adidas soccer boot or any shoe and complete challenges in the real world to raise the OVR of your team in game. Breeze through challenges, unlock skill boosts, and own the bragging rights. Only with adidas GMR and only in FIFA Mobile. Currently adidas GMR is only available in the following regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Polamd, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, US

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