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  • Auto Club App
  • Auto Club App


Developer American Automobile Association
Version 2.33.0
Size 257.7MB
Released June 24,2016
Updated February 25,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 7960
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Me3@me - 2020-02-24 01:00:27

    Expensive with antiquated rip-off tactics and lousy app

    AAA has grown decidedly more expensive over the years while providing less coverage for emergency situations. Using a tow service requires more out of pocket cost sharing and inefficient receipt submissions when things don’t go smoothly on the part of service vendors and/or AAA. Of course the reason for that is in our hectic culture many if not most people won’t have the time to follow through and will just eat the mistakes, increasing profits for AAA. Wait times for tow trucks, battery jumps, and vehicle lockouts can be long, especially in rural environments. That can leave members in precarious situations too long. If one moves while a member, it doesn’t matter how much time is left on the annual or two-year membership, the membership cannot be just transferred from state or region to another. It’s not even possible to change the home address within one’s own account. That’s absolutely ridiculous and is by design to stick it to members. Finally, the App is a waste of time. I have never been able to get it to work on my iOS devices. It opens but then the touted services won’t work; they just returning error codes. I’ve been a AAA member on and off for decades, but over, the last 15 years I’ve grown to resent it as a member unfriendly rip-off by design.

  • Cordell2016 - 2020-02-21 20:26:29

    Highway service is the worst!!!!

    So my dad was driving a car that had issues and was told to test drive it at highway speeds. He did that but the car broke down and he was forced to coast the car over on the side of the highway he calls me to get a tow because he had already used all of his and the car wouldn’t turn back on so he was stranded in the cold on a Thursday night. I call them get them the info and called a few times to make sure the had a good location. The told me they’d be there around 8:55 and it was 8:20. I found my dad on the highway before them because I had to be there and waited with him. So I then look on the app to see how far they are and it said he was close. I get a call from the auto place and they told me 15 minutes and it was 8:45 at the time. Well 30 minutes later we don’t see anyone come and we call back and the guy says the call was canceled. We have never canceled a tow emergency yet it’s happened to us twice. Basically we had to call again and make another and we sat on the side of the highway in a not so safe location for 2 and a half hours till we finally got help. They also moved it to high priority!! Worst service ever

  • honda 98 - 2020-02-23 01:14:22

    Information at the ready

    I know it can be an intense time to either being stranded on the side of the road or in an unfortunate accident so having all of this on my phone with just a click it is all there - I also pay my bill on the app which is really convenient! thank you AAA for this app I put this to the test last night when my car engine failed and I was stranded in a market parking lot. The app took care of everything without my having to make a phone call. Tow Driver was summoned. My location was shown to him Arrived faster than expected ! LOVE THIS APP !!!


Auto Club Mobile improves on-the-go access to trusted Auto Club services including membership, insurance, travel, and roadside assistance. This mobile version also shows members Cheapest Gas, and Branch offices nearby.

AAA Clubs currently supported in this app:
• Automobile Club of Southern California
• AAA Alabama
• AAA East Central
• AAA Hawaii
• Automobile Club of Missouri
• AAA New Mexico
• AAA Northeast 
• AAA Northern New England 
• AAA Texas
• AAA Tidewater Virginia
• AAA Washington


* View membership details and insurance policies
* Pay bills for membership and insurance
* Request Roadside assistance
* Book hotel, flight, or rental card
* View upcoming trips
* Access to Trip Planner 
* Find cheapest gas prices near you
* Find member branch offices 
* Get traffic and road conditions for frequent commutes
* Get an insurance quote for auto, home and other products (not available in all areas)
* Get instant battery replacement quotes (not available in all areas)
* Find Approved Auto Repair facilities