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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 1170 2798
Income 110 176

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat
  • LiveMe –Live Video Chat


Developer KS Mobile, Inc.
Version 4.2.32
Size 155.8MB
Released March 29,2016
Updated February 22,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 42609
Language Arabic ,English ,Indonesian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 17+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • difnrktnfk - 2020-02-23 03:11:03

    Live me Review

    I think this app should be able to except all ages, obviously if their doing something they’re not supposed to be doing sure, bam them but if they’re people like me underage but mature they should be able to go live to. Every time I go to go live after only 5ish minutes of being live they ban me. But for what? What did I do they face u the need to ban me. But that’s the only thing I have a problem with on this live app. So maybe you should change that underage rule. In the past of downloaded this app when I still had a iPad, and they banned me for a total of 5 weeks. That’s another thing I have a problem with. The amount of time you banning someone. Ya I get if they’ve don’t it like 5 times they should get a real punishment. But really,your first time being banned should be at least a day or 2,not five weeks,that’s more than a month. So ya those are my main problems with this app. I’ll try downloading again and try to go live.

  • Hero Vibes - 2020-02-23 11:19:55

    Amazing App!

    I just want to thank all of the staff of liveme on behalf of granting me this amazing opportunity to share my opinions on this app. First and foremost, I want to thank the entire community of liveme for being so supportive of me and motivating me to be more consistent with the app. This app brings in lots of fun, where everlasting memories can be made through the touch of a button. Every time that I go live I hope to meet new people, and get to learn about them just as they get to learn about me. Overall, I think this is an exciting interactive app that allows for various discoveries to be made, whether it is through sharing thoughts and ideas or seeing new people in general. ❤️ Love you liveme! ❤️

  • beaut828 - 2020-02-23 13:08:52


    This app is amazing for so many reasons. The reason why I personally love it so much though, is because I can talk to people from all over the world and make friendships with people. Don’t expect money and gifts right away or you’ll be let down. Just build those friendships with people and if they like you they will support you! Much love! You can follow me— Beaut828 let’s chat and be friends!!


LiveMe is one of the top live broadcasting apps

- Make new friends in your area and around the world!
- Chat with stars and celebrities like Roman Atwood, David Dobrick, Khalid, 2 Chainz and MORE!
- Watch your favorite videos by category, such as singing, dancing, gaming and more
- Be part of exclusive offline events like VidCon, Playlist Live, Ultra Music Festival
- Multi-Beam with your friends 
- Compete against your favorite broadcasters with H2H
- Features include gaming broadcasts, Shorts, Star Codes, stickers, and so on.

Enjoy and share your moments and memories. 

Meet Stars:
LiveMe Official routinely hosts some of the hottest celebrities, including top YouTubers and talented influencers! Vote to tell us who you want to see next time! 

Become a Star: 
Join millions of users worldwide and watch performers share their talents, or you can start your own channel, build up a fanbase, collect virtual gifts. Find your true self and show off your talents!

LiveMe Features:
Broadcast, browse and view content by category
Get recommendations for broadcasters nearby or across the globe
Save your replays on your personal page; View replays on the pages of other broadcasters
Live chat lets you comment during the stream

Grow Fan Base + Meet friends Online:
Connect and share with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more
Create groups to interact with people who have shared interests
Invite friends to join your broadcast and share interesting moments together.

Check-in for free experience points and stars
Enter contests for your chance to win coins, tickets to events, other prizes
With VIP function, unlock more gifts and special title beside your name

All New Game Stream Feature:
Watch, chat, and guest broadcast with top gamers playing Minecraft, Clash of Clan, WOW and others on the mobile phone, Xbox, PlayStation and PC in real time
Set up your channel to become next super Gaming Star
Share your own tips and tricks and chat with friends

Multiple languages are supported. You can meet people from different countries, areas, cultures!

VIP subscriptions:
* Pay $19.99 per month to become a VIP
* One-time coins package of 1000 LiveMe coins
* Check and claim 20 LiveMe coins daily
* VIP-exclusive gift to send
* VIP-exclusive flying comments
* VIP special badge
* IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP subscription is not auto-renewed. For more information, please refer our Terms of Use:

More awesome features coming soon!

About LiveMe: 

Talent Program:
LiveMee fans: let us hear your voice. We’re open to feedback & suggestions: