Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

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  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam
  • Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam


Developer NET Sigma
BundleID com.netsigma.Insta-Toon
Version 1.8
Size 85.1MB
Released March 15,2018
Updated May 7,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 14397
Language Arabic ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Hungarian ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Malay ,Farsi ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • M-Raven - 2020-09-25 13:51:02

    Great but could be excellent with some minor features

    Great app but could be much better. ATM the exported pictures are great for instagram or for texting to friends but not usable for print. I would like to export a 1:1 version of the original image in its original resolution. So if my image is 12”x12” at 300 dpi that is what I want to be exported. Right now we get a low resolution shrunken down image when we save images. I would also love to have more direct control over what colors are present in the image. Using the current options such as temperature, saturation and brightness offer too much uncontrolled randomness. Great for experimenting but no so great when you have specific colors in mind. If the image could have the colors listed on a bar where we can select each color and swap it out for another color that would be awesome. The colors we would be able to choose would be RGB or CMYK and can be selected via a swatch list, a color box (like photoshop) or manually entered via its hex, RGB or CMYK code.

  • B, JW - 2020-09-20 08:19:28

    There be TOONS!

    TOON does a fine job of tooning your photos, whether they are people, places or things. You can create a comic strip or graphic novel if you plan your story correctly. Create a look and go for it. Or, simply have fun with any individual image. Make your own greeting, holiday or whatever card! Coloring book? Go for it. TOON can reduce your photo to a dark line drawing. You may find yourself going to bed at 2:00am. Only reason I did not give it a five star rating is because as a former HS Art Teacher and drawer/painter, I miss the subtleties between the settings that I am given. But enjoy this program and spend the additional $4.99 to upgrade the editing. You should have loads of fun!

  • kmkelsey63 - 2020-09-15 06:24:58


    I'm having so much fun with this app!!!! I've already turned three friends on to it and I've only been playing with it for an hour.


Turn your moments into trendy and cool art with Insta Toon!

• Instantly create eye-catching artworks of yourself and the world around you
• Load photos from Camera Roll or use the real-time camera to create your art
• Enjoy a modern interface and a wide range of artistic styles
• Get creative by changing the tone and texture of your art
• Experiment with advanced controls to get unique results
• Save your art as a video, as a GIF or as a Live Photo
• Export the result in different resolutions: SD, HD, Full HD or Ultra HD*
• Easily share your artwork on social media platforms

*Ultra HD resolution is available on iPhone 6 or newer / iPad Air or newer