Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball

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  • Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball
  • Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball
  • Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball
  • Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball
  • Pool Live Pro 8 Ball & 9 Ball


Developer GameDesire Limited
BundleID com.gamedesire.poollivepro
Version 2.7.1
Size 325.6MB
Released September 2,2016
Updated August 9,2019
Score 4.4
Review Num 170
Support https://www.gamedesire.com/help/contact-form
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Latvian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • gtw145 - 2018-05-27 21:14:33

    Atleast someone is trying

    I gave 3 stars because this game use to really stink but the improvements are making it better and we who love the game . I am sick of the other 8 ball rip offs that are getting rich off cheaters!!!!! This plays ok and controls are in good position but the play feels like it working in a low gear . The balls don’t roll freely and just stop instantly. The cue power is way off you can’t hit the ball slowly because even a little of power shoots hard. The physics of the game is ok but still off from realistic Support through the game only is awkward Can’t seem to change profile unless I go for the Facebook login Facebook login is not COOL anymore because it harasses your friends to death and collects contacts . A fast growing number of people are getting away from any games on Facebook and I have lost many friends over game invites so I don’t use my games through any social media anymore. This game has a chance and I hope it continues too improve it could be a real player in the future

  • DieselDad - 2020-07-13 08:29:10

    Takes practice

    This game is as realistic as it can be, great to play during Corona because most pool rooms are closed. I couldn’t beat anyone initiating but now using the very valuable practice table I’m doing much better. One observation for the delevopers (actually two) firstly the cue ball speed could be more realistic. On a real table you can’t hit the cue ball as hard as on this game because it will jump the table. That needs to be recalibrated to more closely resemble the real game. Side rail to side rail qt times back and forth is a bit much. Lastly when the computer tells you it’s your turn after an opponent foul can you replace your ‘play’ with it’s your ‘shot’ In pool it’s usually my shot and not my play, nothing major but more realistic always draws in new players. Other than that well done!

  • jaseinatl - 2018-10-24 22:35:04

    Miserable on iPhone XSMax

    I loved this game on my iPad mini though I do believe their pocket bumpers are messed up (should be parallel in corners), it is virtually unplayable on my Xs. It only uses a portion of the screen and often just flat doesn’t register clicks or drags. When it does, it's jumpy and unpredictable. Spend all your time getting a shot lined up and go to pull back to shoot and half the time the cue goes spinning wildly messing everything up and losing your turn. Even on the iPad version, there are so many times the ball goes in and then pops out. Or vibrates between the bumpers before popping out. Not cool. Doesn’t feel real when that happens so often.


Incredible graphics, easy control, custom cues and unprecedented realism, Pool Live Pro is waiting for YOU! And it’s free. 
Enjoy the best and most realistic mobile pool action! Challenge opponents from all over the world in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Blackball modes. 

"Why should I try it?" you may say

• Beautiful display, smooth in 60 FPS - because it’s nice to look at pretty things
• Variety is the death of boredom - 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Blackball in the same game!
• Realistic physics - it's all about skills and physics baby
• Every player is unique - choose from over 100 specialty cues and win with style
• Never a dull moment - millions of players worldwide means the action never sleeps!
• Mini-games, scratch cards, power ups and more goodies to keep up the excitement
• Intuitive controls - because it is good to play comfortably everywhere
• Free to Play, rather than Pay to Win - its free! Do you need anything more?

Pool Live Pro is a mobile billiards application appreciated by millions of players worldwide

Become part of an exciting community of pool players as you choose your favorite pool cue, compete in tournaments and win big  prizes! Play the 8 ball classic, experience the 9 ball style or choose from multiple pool game modes. With eye-catching graphics and progressive billiards game features, millions of pool players around the world are waiting for your challenge.

Practice your game and play Pool Against Friends or Compete in Worldwide Pool Tournaments

Play pool at your own pace! Get started with practice shots at the practice table. Build your way up to 1-on-1 matches and intense pool tournaments. Gradually improve your pool skills to win competition trophies, a massive collection of pool cues or go for the Jackpot! If you’re learning how to play pool, Pool Live Pro allows you to build up confidence and dramatically improve your game. If you are a seasoned pool player, shoot to beat the pool pros.

Play Pool and Show Off Your Skills

Practice precision aiming and surprise your opponent with exciting new tricks. Start off with a power shot or execute a difficult super spin to send your pool ball to the corner pocket! Explore a variety of different billiards game modes such as: 8 ball pool, 9 ball or blackball. Become a pool game master or even champion master of experts Masters Super CHAMPION!!

Pool Live Pro – Faster Technology with New Graphic Standards

The intriguing visuals and high-quality detail will enhance your pool game experience. Pool Live Pro combines captivating graphics to deliver a real-world billiards game experience. The app promises true physics in every shot at the pool table, with the feel of an authentic pool hall. The game is rendered at 60 frames per second – two times faster than other mobile games! This is Perfectly matching the display’s own refresh rate.  The faster frame rate translates into quicker on-screen action! Thanks to precise controls you can play even during the journeys. Play Pool Live Pro wherever you want, whenever you want!
So play and RELAX!

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