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Category iPhone iPad
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BundleID io.blackcandy.archersio
Version 1.1.6
Size 179.1MB
Released September 25,2020
Updated February 18,2021
Score 4.49855
Review Num 6216
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • I love this game!!❤️❤️ - 2021-02-27 07:31:21

    Minus improvement/: (boring game sry/:)

    I rated dis game a 3star because first of all THE ADS their r so much of them. Second of all idk about dis time thing like u have 1minute to play then u just respawn to another game while that A AD pops up it’s rlly rlly annoying! And third of all like it’s minus improvement sry!/: overall it’s an ok game! Just need more time less ads and u RLLY need something else that’s not only that lil game! Anyways it’s fun when ur bored because theirs nothing to rlly do coz it’s just one thing and u have 1min on it until u get a ad then play again! It’s annoying! To be honest if ur reading dis before getting dis game I recommend not to get it/: and also there’s lots of glitches and bugs maybe fix that too!/: and I always get a ad between my game so fix that pls we’ll anyways it’s it’s umm sry to say dis but a BAD GAME as in boring!

  • lilboyrod - 2021-02-28 06:06:43

    I don’t like it

    Need to have unlimited time I don’t like how it’s played out.:$$:$:&:&:8;7;&&;&&;&;&;&;&;;$$;7;748;8:&:@3@::8:88:8:737;7:$:7:8;83839:&:8:8:7:7:7;6;7:74747474747;7:&2@/9:949;9484&&:&:8:9940:02”@:@:&&:&:&/&:$4$$:&:)4$.&8:$3$3&3$:$&3&:&;&:8:8838494&5$$4&4&;&;$$;jdjdjdididieieowppqwpeoisisjdjjdhdjx Sksksisiduudhdhdjfjfkkfkfkfkkffd Djdjfjdiid Dkdjsididikdjdjdidikdkekdodidkdrjfkcoososksjdjdjdudiididifififjifufufufufhjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjf

  • fartbox96 - 2021-02-27 23:51:30

    Unresponsive Button(starting size)

    I’m really loving this game, but once in a while I’d like to watch the ad to increase my starting size. No matter how long I wait this button is unresponsive, I think it would be best for everybody if this was fixed


Collect archers and beat your enemies to become the biggest army of archers!