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  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball


Developer Electronic Arts
BundleID com.ea.ios.nbamobile
Version 4.4.30
Size 107.5MB
Released July 5,2016
Updated September 9,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 405810
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • #EndMaddenMonopoly - 2020-10-23 23:24:32


    I don’t mind the offline modes. I actually would love the campaigns if I didn’t need so much stamina to play in them. Gameplay. That one word describes why this is a three and not a five. If you guys made these changes, I’d be elated: Make it harder to go to the rim, because I can literally dunk at will with pretty much any player. Make contacts and momentum matter. If you think that that is too hard to do for a mobile game, go play NBA 2K mobile, or NBA 2K21 mobile. Both have superior gameplay to this game. I should run to the rim and get hit and blocked or fouled. Fouls. Why are there barely any free throws, ever? There are practically no fouls called, ever. Why? It’s supposed to be a simulation. I want to run to the basket and see my PG get hacked by the center and shoot some free throws. Slow the game down. Make it so that you can’t sprint around the court with one guy for the whole shot clock, or he’ll be tired. Make it so your bench can come in the game, so that your five guys don’t play the whole game. Make it so that when an X factor gets an ability, the defense is aware that he is hot from a certain area and make them front him and double him and harass him until it’s gone. Make some pushing and shoving happen sometimes. Some signature animations couldn’t hurt. Clipping could use some work, as there is a lot of it in the game. One thing I love is that there is a specific rating for every situation, but make those ratings matter more. Make it so that you can add X factors to players who don’t have one. Maybe some floaters could help, as I haven’t seen them in game in my memory, however they may be there in a small capacity. Add the ability to call plays. Add more and more plays as the years go on. Make dunk ratings accurate. Steph Curry, Kyrie, and other small guys who can’t slam it irl shouldn’t do it in game until the end of the year. Add a franchise like Madden Mobile has. Thank you.

  • dannynewinn - 2020-10-23 18:30:32

    Good game... but

    Lacks the potential to be a GREAT game. All players have the same dunk animations, and no animations are unique to one player. For example, all High Flyers have the same dunks (windmill, 360, etc). All base players have the exact same dunks, no matter the kind of player they are or what rating dunk they have. The game is also very unrealistic in terms of rebounding and post offense. When guarding the CPU in the post, no matter how constested they, if they shoot a turn-around fadeaway the shot feedback will say ‘open’ and the shot will go in, no matter the rating of the post fade (Ex: Opposing PG hitting a constested fade with a 63 post fade rating). Ratings do not have much impact on the game as they should. Offensive rebounds are also a problem when playing against CPUs. The gameplay is too cheesy and unrealistic. Although the card system and card artwork is beautiful, the actual gameplay is where the issue lies.. Also, the in-game aesthetics are an issue. For ex: Brandon Ingram has cornrows in real life, but has a large afro on his head in-game. 2012-13 Miami Heat LeBron wears a headband and the #6 on his jersey, but in game, he still wears 23 and has a near bald head. Having certain cards of players (like Throwback cards) has no effect in game, as the player will still look like and wear the current version of the player in the NBA today. (Another ex: Bulls Derrick Rose wearing #25, his current jersey number on the Pistons).

  • McBearemy - 2020-10-24 23:22:22

    NBA Live Mobile Wishlist

    Dear EA Sports, I wish that you can delete your account manually and add a MyCareer or a MyLeague, just like you did for Madden 21 Mobile. Right now, this game got worse from the last version in 2019. These features need to be added for a possible 5 star review if you really want it. This will help with the growth of the game and would make me very appreciated. I want this game to be exactly like NBA Live 21. Everyone wants this to happen. Please EA Sports, add these features to make this a WAY better game, better than all the apps in the App Store world. Sincerely, Sad Bearemy


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