RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls

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  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls
  • RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls


Developer TelTech Systems
Version 5.4.3
Size 164.4MB
Released September 8,2015
Updated July 5,2020
Score 4.6
Review Num 263414
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0


  • Guido Tribone - 2020-07-14 08:51:11

    Sucky App

    Worked pretty well for few months.However, it did let some robo calls thru and no simple way to use the app to block any future calls from same number. Now, the app screens ALL my calls, even though I have the app access to my contacts. Then tried to End Subscription. Failed again. Still blocking calls from numbers I call frequently. Customer support = tons of pages of crap to sift through. Totally frustrating. I want the service to Cease. I want my $ Back. I’m certain none of my comments will be read or responded to by the Developer. May require more legal actions. Ridiculous waste of my time.

  • Carl Lind - 2020-07-14 13:20:55

    Robo killer is very bad

    Im sorry but I feel this app is totally a waste of money. It has access to all of my contacts yet prevents them from getting through. I have to call back all of my friends. And the reception is awful!!! I cant even hear my friends half the time. And when I answer i have to hello to my friends at least 5-8 times before robokiller lets them through. This a WASTE of MONEY. DONT get it.

  • d Go Fed day u u - 2020-07-14 12:55:43


    Does not provide the information on what the caller fairies come I don’t need recordings hearing the same thing every time, my pre-recorded response. Also blocked some calls that I needed - that weren’t in my contact directory


Eliminate 99% of spam calls. RoboKiller is the call-blocking app created by humans and powered by AI. Our patented audio fingerprinting technology uses machine learning to stop your phone from ringing with annoying, unwanted calls. You can finally live spam-free and never miss a legitimate phone call again.

RoboKiller now provides an OPTIONAL layer of protection against random number spoofing. Using real-time audio algorithms, RoboKiller identifies spam calls from randomly spoofed and fake numbers before they ring your phone. 

Being able to receive legitimate calls is just as important as blocking unwanted ones. While RoboKiller fingerprints calls to detect spam, it screens for real human callers. If the call isn’t spam, we’ll tell you who’s calling and why before you answer. Unwanted calls get eliminated, while your food delivery or ride-share driver can still reach you.

But wait - there's more! RoboKiller doesn't just block robocallers and spammers, we annoy the hell out of them, too. Spam calls are sent to clever recorded messages called Answer Bots so they can see what it feels like to have time wasted. Finally, get that oh-so-sweet revenge on robocallers. 

RoboKiller screens all unrecognized calls with AI-powered audio fingerprinting technology.

New spammers are continuously added to our global spam radar so your phone never rings from unwanted calls.

Fight bots with bots! Answer Bots deliver payback in hilarious fashion, sending spammers to clever recordings that you can listen to later, driving them crazy and giving you the last laugh!

RoboKiller has been featured on The New York Times, NBC, Wired, Engadget, Vice, and other publications.

RoboKiller is built by people who hate robocalls and respect privacy. We promise to never sell your data, spam you, or waste your time. Our mission is to stop robocalls forever, or die trying!

• Life without robocalls - 99% of unwanted calls are eliminated
• Call Screening - see who’s calling and why before you answer
• Pause Call Blocking - temporarily stop calls from being blocked if you're expecting an important call from an unknown number
• Take control of who can and can’t call - choose the phone numbers you wish to block, and allow the ones you want to hear from
• View all missed and blocked calls in your Recents to see who’s trying to reach you
• Help out the community by reporting spammers and providing feedback directly from within the app
• Dedicated customer service team of real people available 7 days a week

RoboKiller is free to download. A subscription is required to use the service, but you can try it out completely free for 7 days. Once the trial ends, your subscription will automatically renew and you’ll be billed. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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