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  • Airplane Math Flash Cards
  • Airplane Math Flash Cards
  • Airplane Math Flash Cards
  • Airplane Math Flash Cards


Developer JemmForce Apps
BundleID com.jemmforceapps.AirplaneMathFlashCards
Version 3.0.0
Size 24.6MB
Released July 11,2015
Updated September 20,2016
Language English ,French ,Italian ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 5.1.1


Whether your child is in grade 1 or grade 7, Airplane Math Flash Cards is the perfect app to help with ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION.  
Choose from 9 skill levels, 4 operations and either game or practice mode.  

Math game mode features either a multiplication game, an addition game, a subtraction game or a division game.  You can also play a game that a combination of these operations.

Practice mode is much like practicing math flash cards, except it is much more interesting and automatically keeps track of vital statistics to help track your child's progress.  Practice mode can either present multiplication flash cards, addition flash cards, division flashcards or subtraction flashcards.  

Airplane Math Flash Cards also features options to quiz your child with addition/subtraction, multiplication/division or all 4 operations during the same session.

As your child grows, this app will remain a great place to start when learning and memorizing multiplication times tables.  Through these math drills and math flash cards, your child will improve their math skills.

10 minutes a day is all it takes to see a significant improvement in your kids math skills.