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Developer Luke Li
Version 1.0
Size 10.9MB
Released June 17,2015
Updated June 17,2015
Score 4.2
Review Num 9
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.1


Have you ever been listening to music with a group of friends and couldn't decide or agree on which song to play? Our app, CrowdSound, helps to solve this problem with a real-time collaborative playlist on the iPhone. You can create a private playlist and invite friends to it, or make one that is public and play music with anyone in your area. Then you can place songs on a queue and vote for what you want to hear next. We hope that this app will solve the problems that occur when listening to music with friends, while creating some memorable experiences along the way - whether at a party, on a roadtrip, or just hanging out with friends.


Authentication- Log in with your Spotify Premium account to create playlists and play songs, or get involved without an account by influencing what plays next with your votes.

Location- Use your device location to find nearby playlists to join, or share your playlist with friends in the area. Passwords allow you to create a private session if desired.

Real-time Input- Begin adding songs to your playlist immediately after creating it, and upvote or downvote songs as they are added. The app will continuously choose the song with the highest number of votes to remove from the queue and play.

Distributed Framework- Any member of a playlist can search for songs on the Spotify server to add, while the owner of the playlist can utilize their Spotify account to play the most requested songs. All information regarding the playlists, the songs on them, and their vote history is maintained, in case you ever want to return to a session.

Built by Luke Li, Tommy Lomont, Dorothy Chen, and Irvin Shuster