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Developer Bloomy Lab
BundleID com.bloomylab.Bottleneck
Version 1.4.1
Size 15.4MB
Released September 12,2019
Updated May 13,2020
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0

Promotional Text

Bottleneck will boost your productivity! Learn to find constraints one by one and start making real progress. Get things done consistently and efficiently just today!


I bet you have loads of important tasks to do!

But have you ever wondered how to optimize your to-do list wisely and boost your productivity? We have a secret method for you!

Well, you'd rather have a deep breath and spend a minute on writing all of your numerous tasks down. Done? Whoa, so many!

Now think about the role that each task plays: -Some of them are of high importance - they aim to make you grow and improve for the better.

-Some of them are really small, and none of your precious time should be wasted on them.

-But there is always a bottleneck in your task list that stops you from achieving your goal no matter how good are you at handling all the other things. Bingo, that the one you should start from!

We've designed our app to help you in that: as soon as you've found your bottlenecks, start working on one of them by pressing "Focus" button, and track the time you've spent on that task. Surprise: you won't be able to proceed further with other tasks until you finish this one! That allows you to increase your efficiency and not be distracted by other smaller and unnecessary things.

Over 5,000 organizations around the world have achieved breakthrough results with the Theory of Constraints, including well-known names such as Boeing, Intel, Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Cadillac, Ford, Lucent Technologies, etc.

Bottleneck app is designed to solve all of your problems wisely, by organizing your routine with the help of the Theory of Constraints - we've simplified it so that everyone of us could learn to think differently, find the use of this knowledge in our everyday life, and improve our performance.

Want to become successful? Ready to re-shape your future?

Learn to find constraints one by one and start making real progress and getting things done consistently and efficiently just today with our app