Search and Rescue Application


  • Search and Rescue Application
  • Search and Rescue Application
  • Search and Rescue Application
  • Search and Rescue Application
  • Search and Rescue Application


Developer Metron, Inc.
BundleID com.metsci.SARApp
Version 2.3.0
Size 6.2MB
Released June 15,2012
Updated February 2,2019
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.3


SARApp supports Search and Rescue operations by leveraging a phone's GPS receiver to document where a searcher has looked.  This information is transmitted via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to the web-based SARApp server, which can be used for real-time situational awareness and calculation of Probability of Detection at the Incident Command Post.  The SARApp client supports volunteering electronically for a search, viewing the assigned search sector, and displaying the user’s tracks as well as those of other SARApp users.  Searchers can also use the phone to take geo- and time-tagged photo and video evidence that can be transmitted back to the server for map-based display.  SARApp works over land, in the air, and on water – wherever GPS signals can be received.  If a phone lacks 3G/4G connectivity, the app will store track and evidence data until it is within range to transmit.

SARApp Client Features:
•Register for a search electronically
•Receive description and photo of search subject from Search Manager
•Start and Stop tracking 
•View summary of distance traveled and time spent searching
•Display active track, other searchers’ tracks, and assigned sector on the map page
•Take photo or video evidence and transmit to the SARApp Server with geo- and time-tags
•View field-collected evidence provided by the Search Manager
•Receive assignments and alerts from the Search Manager
•Control position update rate to conserve battery usage
SARApp Server Features
•Browser-based interface can be accessed from any location/device with internet connectivity
•Create and modify searches
•Map-based tools for building search sectors
•Collect volunteers and make assignments to search sectors
•Push sector assignments to SARApp users
•Monitor search activities in real time on the map interface
•Display and view evidence collected from the field on the map
•Make sector re-assignments on the fly
•View estimated Probability of Detection achieved for each sector and for the entire search
•Activity Log showing registrations, assignments, and evidence received
•Push messages to searchers in the field
In addition to field search activities, SARApp can be used as a general real-time situational awareness or field intelligence collection tool.  For example, personnel responsible for documenting storm damage, fire boundaries, road closures, the extent of flooding, or evacuated houses could use SARApp to send photos and video back to the Server for viewing on a map.

Disclaimer: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."