Dames International 10x10


  • Dames International 10x10
  • Dames International 10x10
  • Dames International 10x10
  • Dames International 10x10
  • Dames International 10x10


Developer Cedric Hammiche
BundleID GroukillahApp.Dames
Version 1.10
Size 10.0MB
Released September 22,2009
Updated November 7,2018
Support http://grou007.free.fr/dames/
Language English ,French
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0

Promotional Text

Découvrez l'un des plus grands classiques le Jeu de Dames international 10x10 !
Ce jeu de dames possède une I.A. redoutable qui fait partie des meilleurs sur l'AppStore.


Discover one of the greatest classic puzzle games. Play the International Drafts 10x10 on your iPhone or iPod!

This checkers game has a formidable I.A. which is among the best on the AppStore.

Following the comments on the difficulty of the AI ​​being too strong, the new update now allows beginners to win.
In addition, progression will be smooth with difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Time.
For the good ladies players I gave the possibility to set the reflection time from 0.25sec to 30sec.

Presentation of the Checkers
The game of Dames would have been born between 2000 and 1500 BC and the greatest civilizations played there relentlessly.
The Checkers is an easier approach than chess. It is accessible for all ages, while combining tactics, reflection and fun!
However, the game of Checkers is far from being a simple childish game. One of the great riches of this game lies in the many combinations it allows.
It is up to the player to imagine these often spectacular combinations ... In this sense, the Checkers is a difficult game and it is also what makes it exciting.

An unpublished version on Iphone and Ipod. This version is perfectly adapted for the iPhone or the iPod Touch in 3.0.
It offers an artificial intelligence suitable for recreational parties up to an advanced level (unpublished on iphone / ipod)!
The difficulty is configurable and you can play against the machine, but also against another person. The game can be paused and resumed whenever you want.

Play according to the official rules
You will discover the official rules, where taking is mandatory and majority.
The rule "blow is not play" was abolished in 1911. When you can take, you must take, whatever the consequences.
If there are several ways to make one or more shots, the quantity rule must be applied: you must make the maximum number of shots possible.

* International Drafts 10x10 according to the real rules of the game!
* Mode: Player vs. iPhone, iPhone vs. Player, Player vs. Player, iPhone vs. iPhone
* Level of difficulty: between 0.25 seconds and 30 seconds of reflection for the iPhone.
* Saving the current game automatically
* Return to one or more move (s) back.
* Help during the game: the iPhone will offer you what it would play for you.