My Battle Journey


  • My Battle Journey
  • My Battle Journey
  • My Battle Journey
  • My Battle Journey


Developer wenqing wen
BundleID jianlai.chuan.shuo
Version 1.0
Size 105.7MB
Released March 27,2020
Updated March 27,2020
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


"My Battle Journey" is a very interesting Oriental xianxia mobile game, personalized xianxia career in the game to bring players a variety of levels to choose, but also a variety of gameplay, absolutely play the addiction.

The game is a combination of martial arts, xiuxian, mythology and other background elements, allowing players to freely PK tactics and strategy in the game, in addition to a variety of combat skills and different classes to choose from.There are a variety of combat skills waiting for you to play and experience more exciting combat.The system bully the world, arrogant whole clothing!

-- game features --

1. The featured equipment system enables players to create their own unique costumes. The powerful equipment attributes enable players to constantly improve their fighting power.

2, and the wind picture, not luxuriant not rough, let you see the comfort of the easy play.